Ielts writing

Ielts has included writing module to evaluate the ability of a student to write formal essays, letters or any other documents. Ielts writing module is comparatively difficult than listening and speaking but easier than reading module. However, it depends on the candidate’s knack for any module whether he would find that one easy or difficult.

This page has been designed to deal with each and every facet of Ielts writing module. By applying the techniques mentioned over here and studying from the materials provided one can achieve the required band score.

Ielts writing tips:

To score high in Ielts you need to understand Ielts writing.

How is it conducted?

What are the expectations and parameters?

What is the format of Ielts writing?

How should you attempt the tasks?

Ielts writing tips include different articles on achieving band 7 score and above. First of all, you need to have clear understanding on how it is conducted.

Click here for basic understanding of Ielts writing.

Then after, it is necessary to follow the proper process to write down the essays in task 2 or graph or letter in task 1.

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Then you need to get the tips on achieving higher band score.

Every Ielts student wants to get minimum 7 band score in Ielts. For that I have thought of 20 basic Ielts writing tips. These tips have been divided in 4 articles you can have the look at them from following links.

Ielts writing tips 1 to 3

Ielts writing tips 4 to 6

Ielts writing tips 7 to 14

Ielts writing tips 15 to 20.