Tips 7 to 14 : Core Tips To Get 7 And Higher Band Score In IELTS Writing.

In the articles,Tip 1-3: How to get 7 band score in IELTS writing: 20 most important IELTS writing tips  and Tip 4-6: How to get 7 band score in IELTS writing: 20 most important tips.   We have understood tips 1 to 6 combined. here is the third installment. we will look into tip no.7 to 14.

Here we go,

  1. Pay attention to presentation.

It does not matter in ielts writing whether your handwriting is beautiful. They are mainly concerned with your grammar, vocabulary and other parameters. However, this parameter is important from the view of psychology. If your hand writing is good enough for examiner to read. He does not have to make too much effort to understand it.

Students are having the habit or you can say the bad habit to write and rub the sentences frequently. This may leave some ugly spot on the paper. apart from that, some students do not write equal or nearly equal words in every line. for instance, they write 4 words in the first line and 7 in second and again 4 in third line. This will give a weird look to your presentation.

As I have told you that this will not cost you with the band score. But you will lose a chance to impress the examiner which is quite important. So make sure your essay remains neat and clean.

  1. Always use the given time.

Sometime the candidates are in too haste to finish the tasks that they finish both the tasks before time. It is not a good practice. If you are able to write the task in less than an hour it’s really good. But, IELTS has allotted one hour for writing which means it has to be used wisely.

I can bet on this. When you finish your task, reread your essay or graph. You would be surprised to know how many mistakes you have been able to correct which you did not recognize the first time.

So, it is always advisable to use every second which has been allotted for writing.

  1. Understand the process :

Random writing may be the choice of so many students. However, writing which follow the proper pattern and process is always better.There is a proper process which has to be followed if the goal is higher. Though this process is not compulsory, it is vital for getting higher band.

Click here for article on process of writing.

Tip 10. Work on your grammar

Just like the speaking test grammar accuracy is also the first parameter for which examiner is looking for. Many students even some faculties take grammar for granted. But this is serious when examiner will see your essay. Normally, we don’t like when we hear about grammar. Yet we have to learn to apply it in a proper manner. Grammar is an essential part of communication either in writing or in speaking.

If you are well versed in grammar and make no mistakes in spelling you can easily get 6 band score provided you have written more than 250 words with the proper format of ielts essay.

Tip 11 : learn to write Complex sentences

IELTS writing is a formal piece of writing which requires you to write down difficult and complex construction of English language. If you want to get good band score you must learn to write complex sentences.

Now what does it mean by complex sentences?

You may have read or heard plenty of technical explanation about writing complex sentences but it may not have done anything except raising your confusion. Here, I am not going to confuse you by plenty of technical phrases. We would see a simple understanding of making complex sentences.

In the simplest sense, Complex sentences mean that your sentence should not finish in one line. You should link the sentences with each other, either by conjunctions or by sub ordinate clauses. Full stop should not come too early.

This is how we define complex sentence.

For example,

‘Sachin Tendulkar is a great player’.

This is a simple sentence. We would make it more interesting and complex by adding information.

“Sachin Tendulkar, who is also considered to be the god in Indian cricket, is a wonderful player in all the formats of cricket.”

Simple sentence.  = “Education is important for everyone.”

Complex sentence = “The significance of education is unfathomable as it molds the present and secures the future of the student.”

  1. Learn and use advanced vocabulary

I have uploaded some very useful articles on the vocabulary development.

Follow the link:Band 7 vocabulary for ielts

  1. Linking words and conjunctions

A complete comprehensive article for linking words and conjunctions has already been uploaded. just Click here 

Tip 14 : Use passive construction.

Passive construction is one of the major parameters to get higher band score. I have not uploaded anything for grammar section. However, plenty of informative articles on grammar are in queue. You can learn from other sources in the mean time.

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