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There is a quote that “an action speaks louder than the words.” If we apply that analogy here than we can proudly say that our students speak for us far more positively and excitedly than us.

We have a firm notion that the efforts which we put forward for the upliftment of our students cross the boundary of the sentences.

So we are not going to say, we are this and we are that. Students who visit this website would understand us better by reading the articles on different sections of IELTS and Spoken English.

We have never claimed that we have got a magic wand of harry Potter which we fling towards the student and immediately transform him from hesitant beginner to the super IELTS genius.

Sections of IELTS


Ielts Speaking is basically the interview of the candidates with an examiner in which the candidates are asked different questions in three different parts.
We have covered everything you would like to know for getting higher band score in speaking right from the basic tips to vocabulary and sample answers of all parts of speaking.


IELTS has included writing module in the test to evaluate the ability of a student to write essays, letters, reports and other formal documents. Oxygen for English is dedicated towards the upliftment of each and every aspirant of Ielts. Keeping that in mind, this page has been designed to deal with each and every facet of Ielts writing module. By applying the techniques mentioned over here and studying from the material provided you certainly can achieve the required band score


IELTS reading is comparatively difficult than other sections which consists of three passages and a set 40 questions. The tips discussed over here are not for those people who want to improve their reading score overnight and easily. Improving your reading score requires hard work, consistency and patience. However, I would like to assure you on one thing. If you consistently work on the tips discussed here. If you are ready to put sincere efforts, I can take all the responsibility to improve your score.


Vocabulary or words power is vital to get higher band score in each section of IELTS. IELTS band 7+ vocabulary core list, provided here, has been specially designed for the students who are endeavoring towards getting 7 or more band score in IELTS. IELTS only gives higher band core to the students who use advanced grammar, structures, and vocabulary. You might have read in my previous articles that fluency and grammar proficiency is more than enough for getting 6 band score in writing and speaking. It is absolutely fine if you are not able to use the words which are in a higher bracket. However, if your aim is 7 band or higher then you must get used to with advanced and core vocabulary of English language.

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Ielts vocabulary builder a book

I have designed this book IELTS vocabulary builder for those who wanted to obtain a higher band score and improve advanced vocabulary as well. IELTS has always been an examination of advanced learners of English.

I have uploaded some articles where I have mentioned that higher and advanced vocabulary is not needed in the writing and speaking section for those who wanted to get only 6 band score. However, vocabulary improvement is very much essential for the students who are aiming for 7 and higher band score.

Apart from that, vocabulary improvement is the cornerstone for any advanced learners. it is the higher vocabulary which can differentiate you from others. It is not just a matter of getting the band score. It is a matter of your overall personality. For greater success, greater vocabulary is needed.

If you have been searching for a dynamic source of improving your lexical resources. IELTS vocabulary builder is the book you should look for. The book has been divided into chapters. I would recommend that you start from the beginning to get the full advantage.

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

Great institute. Mukesh sir has vast amount of knowledge of English Vocabulary which is needed in IELTS as well as learning English. I got 7.5 band in IELTS which was only possible because of him.
Thank You Sir

Ravi Joshi Doctor

I have never been in any classes like this from which I have cleared my IELTS with overall 7 band in the first attempt.One such things I like about this class is the educational environment which helped me to co-operate with good teachers and students as well.so i would like to suggest this class to every near and dear to have the great IELTS preparation."

Ketul Patel B.com

I would like to thank Oxygen visa and immigration for helping me to get an overall score of 7.0 bands. It’s really difficult task for the student who Belong to Gujarati medium and just passed 12th STD to get this score.

Kirtan Desai 12th Student
(Gujarati Medium)