Ielts speaking part 3 : Describe a country you like the most.

Below are the part three questions if you have been asked Describe a country you like the most in part 2.

Part 3:

What is a brain drain? Do you think it is helpful for maintaining good relation between nations?

Brain drain is basically a migration. When people from one country migrate to other country it is called a brain drain.

It will definitely be helpful for growing healthy relation between different countries. I think it is a win win situation.

From the economic point, when people from one nation go to other. Either for the purpose of study or travel. It will give economic benefit to the host country.

The people from guest country would also come to know the culture and customs of host  countries.

Do you think nations should help each other for better future? Why?

Certainly, nations should help each other because we live in an era where the mutual understanding and help is imperative.

We cannot survive without the help of each other.

It is a saying that none of us is as strong as all of us.

Now it’s time for every nation to come together by that way only we can fight menaces like poverty, unemployment and global warming.

In what ways can the rich nations help poor nations?

Rich nations can help poor nations in many ways.for instance, by giving them economic help directly.

Or they can start industries in the countries where necessary.

However, there should be a treaty between the two nations that once the developing  nation is furnished with infrastructures and industries they would provide help to rich nations if required.