Ielts vocabulary builder – a book

I have designed this book IELTS vocabulary builder for those who wanted to obtain a higher band score and improve advanced vocabulary as well. IELTS has always been an examination of advanced learners of English. I have uploaded some articles where I have mentioned that higher and advanced vocabulary is not needed in the writing and speaking section for those who wanted to get only 6 band score. However, vocabulary improvement is very much essential for the students who are aiming for 7 and higher band score.

Apart from that, vocabulary improvement is the cornerstone for any advanced learners. it is the higher vocabulary which can differentiate you from others. It is not just a matter of getting the band score. It is a matter of your overall personality. for greater success, greater vocabulary is needed.

If you have been searching for a dynamic source of improving your lexical resources. IELTS vocabulary builder is the book you should look for. The book has been divided into chapters. I would recommend that you start from the beginning to get the full advantage.

Chapter 1:    What does the true vocabulary really mean?

You must have heard about the importance of the words from most of the people in your surroundings. Mastery over words is vital to get ahead in life, to get success in your desired field, or to get a good band score in IELTS. Hence, everyone is trying hard to build a better vocabulary. People work on different methods and perceptions which they have been told by their teachers, well-wishers, or friends. However, it is of utmost importance to know what the true vocabulary really means before actually learning words.

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Chapter 2:    How to build a better vocabulary 

Words have always been important to get success academically, economically, or socially. One word can consummate the deal or break it. Nicely used words would run like a bullet and pierce deep into the target. It is, therefore, vitally important to build a better vocabulary.

We have already discussed in chapter 1 that people only cram the words and not learn them practically. They miss one of the core things to build a better vocabulary. We have also discussed that the individual word is having less importance as compared to the word applied in a sentence. So, the basic and vital thing is we have to see the words practically applied somewhere by educated people of the English language. For that, you have to read and listen to English speakers.

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Chapter 3:    Test your vocabulary for IELTS. 

How about a test of your present word power?

It is imperative to know your present knowledge of words in English. you can appear for this test here. 50 words have been given. Some of them are easy, some harder, some hardest. Try to score maximum in this test but don’t worry if you score low. This is just the beginning, not the end. A mere screening of your present status.

So, give the test honestly. I have given the word with its collocation to give you some advantage of logical guessing. The underlined word is a test word. 3 options have been given for each question. Choose the word which is nearest in meaning. wild guessing is allowed. but, please do not look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary until you finish the test.

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Chapter 4:    Band 7+ words to introduce yourself in IELTS speaking.

In your day to day life, you must have come across with plenty of people. All these people have certain personality. Some are positive, some may be negative. Some others may be interested in enjoying variety of foods or some with complete austerity. You may want to define the personality of these people. Fortunately English has got a wide variety of words to define each and every kind of person. These power words not only describe the people’s personality in a proper way but also get you band 7 and above. But due to having less exposure, they are not at the tip of your tongue.

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Chapter 5    :    10 words which can increase your band from 6 to 7.

In this chapter, we have taken the method of starting with the word which you already know. Then, step by step revealing the words which are advanced. These words can be used in place of words which you are already using. By doing that you can definitely get higher band.

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Chapter 6    :    learning words from different readings.

We all know that IELTS reading is the toughest of all modules. IELTS writing is second in difficulty level.both these modules require a healthy vocabulary at your command. plenty of times, students are not able to get the answers in IELTS reading because of poor vocabulary.

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Chapter 7    :    learning words from different readings.

In chapter 6 of  IELTS vocabulary builder, we have learnt 10 useful words which is of great significance as far as reading and writing vocabulary is concerned.I hope you have added those words into your reading and writing vocabulary. Here in the second chapter we have again selected some handy and important words which might confuse you in your reading.

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Chapter 8    :    11 words which can increase your band from 6 to 8.

This is the 8th chapter of IELTS VOCABULARY BUILDER. Here we would see 10 outstanding words which can get you 8 band score in ielts writing task 2.We would follow the same method which we have followed in chapter 5 revealing the advanced words step by step by using the words you already know.

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Chapter 9    :    Words on the basis of Latin roots. 

We all have to consult a doctor in certain period of time.When we see a doctor he gives us certain medicines on a piece of paper which is called prescription.There are number of valuable words we can learn if we understand the Latin root in this word.

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Chapter 10  :    Band 8 words for Ielts writing task 2. 

Every student who is preparing for ielts has aim of getting 8 band score or at least above 7 band score..However, only handful of students could actually accomplish it. 8 band score can be achieved through proper guidance and practice.

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Chapter 11  :    Top 20 idioms for Ielts writing and speaking.

Idioms and phrases are having unique place in English language which are equally important for getting higher band score in ielts exam. We have selected 25 most important and useful idioms here.Use them to impress your examiner and in turn to fetch higher band score.

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