Ielts vocabulary builder – a book

Ielts has always been an examination of advanced learners of English.I have uploaded some articles where I have mentioned that higher and advanced vocabulary is not needed in writing and speaking section for those who wanted to get only 6 band score. However, vocabulary improvement is very much essential for the students who are aiming for 7 and higher band score.

Apart from that, vocabulary improvement is the cornerstone for any advanced learners. it is the higher vocabulary which can differentiate you from others.It is not just the matter of getting the band score.It is the matter of your overall personality.for greater success greater vocabulary is needed.

I have designed this book ielts vocabulary builder for those who wanted to obtain higher band score and improve advanced vocabulary as well.

If you have been searching for a dynamic source of improving your lexical resources.This is the book you can look for. The book has been divided in chapters.I would recommend that you start from the beginning to get the full advantage.

Click on the following links to read the book.

Chapter 1    :    What does the true vocabulary really mean?

Chapter 2    :    How to build a better vocabulary ?

Chapter 3    :    Test your vocabulary for ielts. 

Chapter 4    :    Band 7+ words to introduce yourself in ielts speaking.

Chapter 5    :    10 words which can increase your band from 6 to 7. 

Chapter 6    :    learning words from different readings.

Chapter 7    :    learning words from different readings.

Chapter 8    :    11 words which can increase your band from 6 to 8.

Chapter 9    :    Words on the basis of Latin roots. 

Chapter 10  :    Band 8 words for ielts writing task 2. 

Chapter 11  :    Top 20 idioms for ielts writing and speaking.