Tips 1 to 3 : Core Tips To Get 7 And Higher Band Score In IELTS Writing.

Core Tips To Get 7 And Higher Band Score In IELTS Writing.

IELTS is a tactical examination where plenty of good techniques have to be learnt and applied. You must have known that IELTS writing has two tasks.Task 1 is about illustrating different charts, diagrams or processes.Whereas,task 2 is basically an argumentative essay in which you have to give arguments in support as well as against of the given topic. As writing task 2 is more important than task 1 in getting the final band score.The tips here are discussed by keeping task 2 in mind. However, they can be applied on both the tasks.

To avoid the boredom and lengthiness, these tips have been divided in four articles.Three articles for the tips on what you should do and one on what you should not. If you work honestly on these tips and advises. You can easily get the band score you wanted.Remember the tips and techniques discussed here are for getting 7 and above band score . Don’t worry, if you are lacking in one or more.

so here we go.

Tip 1 – Decide your goal first.

We have discussed this in some previous articles that the very first step to get the requited band score is to keep the target in mind.You have to decide what band score you want to achieve.Suppose a student only wants to get 6 band score in writing test. He doesn’t have to worry about so many aspects of the writing task.

In addition, if the student has not got much knowledge of English and if he takes higher goal then he would end up with low band score and probably lose the confidence. So it is always advisable to know the level and take the goal accordingly.

Tip 2 –  Read, read and read.

In almost all my post, I have emphasized on this one parameter on which you should work. Perhaps, you don’t like me when I tell you to read books, in almost all articles of mine. That’s why I am not going to tell you anything in this section because so many articles have already been written on it by me.

You can have a look here.

Importance of reading in getting 8 band score in IELTS reading.

Chapter 2 : How to build a better vocabulary?

Tip 3 – Write, Write and write.

We have got a simple calculation over here. Suppose you have two months time for preparation. and you write one essay a day. You will be able to write 60 essays in that period. If you write two per day. You can write 120 essays. So the calculation goes on.

More you write, more you make mistakes, More you learn from your mistake, better your chance of improvement.Take the target of writing at least an essay a day and don’t expect to become master in writing essay from the very first attempt.It will take some time for improvement.

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