Speaking part 3 : Describe an important choice/decision you had to make in life.

Speaking part 3.

Cue card :  Describe an important choice/decision you had to take in life.

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Part 3 questions.

Do you think making a good choice is important?

There is a saying that your present depends on what you had decided in the past.Similarly, the future relies on what you choose in present. So certainly, making a good choice in life is crucial.A person can get a success or failure on the basis of decision he has made. 

What are the typical choices people make at different stages of their life?

Well, people make plenty of choices during various stages of life. a decision of choosing a career is the most important one.Apart from that, finding a life partner and getting married,choosing a house or car are also important decisions.  

What, according to you, has got the highest impact on the decision people take?

Some people make the decisions by the wisdom or past experience of their own.Others take decision by asking to their parents or people wiser than them.

As far as I see,past experience has the strongest impact on the decision people take.It is the past experience which tells us what could be the consequences of certain decisions. 

Do you think people have more choices now than in the past ?

In certain ways,yes.People,nowadays, have more choices than in the past. Take the example of shopping, previously, there used to be only one or two shops in of certain things in the town.so people had to buy that particular things from those shops only. presently, there are myriad alternatives available locally as well as globally. 

Do parents give choice to their children to take decision on their own ? Why ?

It depends on the nature of the decision.In my country the petty decisions such as which clothes to be worn and movie to be seen can be taken by children.However, deciding about the education or getting married is strictly taken by the parents.

Because,most probably, parents,in India, are having  conservative mentality. Sometimes parents have not got that much faith or confidence in the decision taking ability of their children.However, this is not true for all parents in my country. Some parents give full liberty to take any decision.  

Why do people like to discuss their choices with other people ?

It is a human nature to discuss ideas with other people and seek advice for any decision they want to make. People think that if they ask about the advice from other people, it would help them to culminate the decision. Sometime,they think they are not competent enough to think on a particular situation.

What kind of choices people have to make in day to day life ?

In everyday life, people have to make simple choices such as the mode of transportation they use,eating in a restaurants or buying clothes.


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