IELTS Speaking part 1 : Topic 6 to 10

  1. Friends and friendship 

Who is your best friend? 

I have many friends but my paramount priorities go to Gargiv Joshi. We have been friends since childhood.

What qualities of a persons makes him good/best friend ?

There are numerous qualities we can see in the people for being a good person.Sincerity and friendliness are top most.In addition, the person should be supportive when need arises.It would be quite good if He would possess unequivocal nature in other words,if we make mistakes he should be able to tell us without hesitation.

Can people from different age group be friends ?

Certainly, age is a significant factor.if friends are of same age they can have more things in common.if they are of different age there are certain limitation


  1. Newspaper

Do you read any newspaper ? Why? 

As a part of my hobby, I read newspapers regularly because It touches me with the world. It makes me aware with current affairs.

Which newspaper is your favorite ?

In India plenty of news papers in myriad languages are printed and published every day.Among them my favorite is  “The times of India.” It is an authentic and reliable source of Information.It is a good source of improving the skill and knowledge in English.

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  1. Tourism and travels 

Do you like travelling ? Why?

Travelling has always been a great fascination to me. I have visited so many places with different cultural and historical importance. I have also visited places with rich and serene countryside, fantastic panoramic natural views, hill station and spiritual destination.

Which is your favorite holiday spot

My paramount choice for holiday spot is Mt. Abu. There are plenty of reason for choosing this popular hill station as my favorite holiday spot.

In the first place, it is near to my home town so I can visit whenever get time.Secondly, it has got many places with wide cultural and historical back ground which attracts me most.

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  1. Game and sports:

 Do you think games and sports are important ? Why?

Sports and games are vital part of any individual to grow physically, mentally and socially.Games and sports make us physically fit,mentally strong and social amenable.

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  1. Movies

Do you see movies ? Why?

Yes.I see plenty of movies. I have always been fascinated for movies. From my child hood to now I have seen number of movies in English, Hindi and in my mother tongue, Gujarati. I like almost all genre movies. I like romantic, thriller and sci -fi most.

I watch movies because I feel it  is the best way to get relaxed.

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