Speaking part 3 : Describe something you own which is very important to you.

Ielts speaking part 3.

Cue card : Describe something you own which is very important to you.

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Part 3 or follow up questions.

Do you think people use more gadgets and equipment now than they used to? why ?

Yes, due to the advancement of technology, we have been surrounded by more gadgets than our forefathers.There are different reasons why people use more gadgets nowadays.

firstly,Gadgets are omnipresent today.

Secondly,people have become more aware and techno friendly than past.

Moreover, any gadgets are comparatively inexpensive today as compared to the past.

What sorts of gadgets are famous in your hometown among youngsters?

Nowadays, mobiles and laptops are popular everywhere and my home town is no exception. Most of the youngsters like mobiles and laptops.Apart from that, electronic watches are popular too in my hometown.

Is possessing something valuable considered a status in your country ? if yes Why/If no, Why not ?

Yes,certainly, we live in a society where wearing or possessing anything expensive or valuable is considered a status symbol.It is generally accepted that if someone is rich and popular in a society he must be wearing costly jewellery or having expensive mobiles or watches. This is the prime reason why having something valuable is considered a status symbol.

Is it different from your parents or grand parents ?

In certain ways yes, in the time of my grandparents possessing horses or gold jewellery was considered a status symbol.Nowadays, nobody keeps horses. jewellery have retained its place as a status symbol.however, certain other things have come up such as expensive mobiles and watches.

Who do you think use more electronic gadgets? Youngsters or old age people?

Youngsters obviously like electronic equipments and gadgets more than old age people due to the their dexterity of using these tools. On the other hand, old age people feel somewhat clumsiness while using them.

Have we become more materialistic in modern world ?

Unquestionably,we have become more materialistic.Nowadays people are evaluated by how much money they possess,what they wear or which car they drive rather than the values they posses.it is sad but true.

In the past, at least in my my culture people used to believe in virtues and values.In present time material wealth has taken the place of human values.

How do you see the consumerism, as a positive or negative development ?

Consumerism is good in certain way. However, it has also got some disadvantages.Due to the consumerism manufacturers have provided certain facilities to consumers. but, on the other hand, by providing too much facilities we have become so much used to with new facilities and comfort.

What is the role of advertisement ?

Advertisement plays crucial role in consumerism. any goods or products which is new in market would reach to the costumers only through advertisement.

What is the impact of internet ?

Impact of internet is huge.People spend more time on the internet than wandering on street nowadays.So the advertisement which used to be done on hoarding and posters can be done on the internet.Social media is another big player for the advertisers.


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