Tips 4-6: Core Tips To Get 7 And Higher Band Score In IELTS Writing.

IELTS writing tips: Tip no. 4 to 6

In the previous article,we have seen ielts writing tips 1 to 3. Moving forward we will unleash some more tips. Here once again I would like to remind you that we have divided the ielts writing tips in different articles. We would cover tip no. 4 to 6 in this article.

So here we go.

Tip 4: Do not copy anything directly from any resources.

Previously, it was a practice of so many faculties,classes and online resources to give the ready made writing essays to students for cramming. Plenty of them are still focusing on it even today. Though, these ready made essays are excellent for learning the basics and getting ideas. It is really very dangerous to copy them directly.

I would like to draw your attention that ielts is very strict as far as the originality of writing is concerned.The examiner will immediately cut out your band if he thinks you have written the copycat answer.
So, it is in your benefit to write the answer from your own thoughts.However, it does not mean that you cannot read other essays. You can. Just don’t copy directly.Use just ideas.

Tip 5: Always use proper format.

When writing an ielts essay it is vitally important that you understand the format. it is possible that you use fancy vocabulary together with correct grammar to impress the examiner but do not give any concern to format.In this case you will not be able to fetch higher band score.
There are certain criteria of ielts writing essays which have been set by two exam bodies, British Council and IDP. The examiner would look for these parameters when he is peering through your essay. He would search for these aspects which should be included in essays. If he doesn’t find them, there may be a low band score.So always keep in mind to write essay with proper format.
A separate article on format of ielts essay will be provided very soon.

Tip 6: Always write more words than required.

You should always write down essay of 270 words. It’s true that we can write down the essay of 250 words only. But sometime the candidates copy the words from question.In that case examiner would deduct the words which have been used from the question.Thus it is always advisable to write down more words than required so your word count would not reduce below 250 even if examiner cut down your words.
Don’t worry for writing essay of more than 250 words.There is no negative marking for witting more than required words. But don’t write too many words which cause you more time.

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