How to get 7 band score in ielts writing: Process of writing an essay.

How to get 7 band score in IELTS writing: Process of writing an essay.

Have you ever cooked anything or seen your mom cooking at your home? There are certain processes which have to be followed for cooking everything at home. Even there is a proper process to make tea at home. If the process is not followed, tea does not come to a proper taste.

If making a tea at home requires the proper process.

How can we write ielts essays without a proper process?

There is a plan for writing an ielts essay which should be followed if the candidate wants to get the required band score.To plan the essay you have to understand the process and follow it. Below are the three simple steps which have to be followed in sequence.

  1. Read and understand the topic.
  2. Brainstorm.
  3. Write and Check.

These steps are known to most of the students. However, they are greatly ignored by most of them. I am here to tell you that if you belong to that class who ignores these vital steps, you have to pay the price in terms of your band.It is not just advisable but extremely important to follow a pattern to get higher band score.

First step: Read and understand.

Read the topic very carefully and try to grasp what does it want to say? It is simple yet elusive step.Some of you may think that without any advise we would definitely understand. How can one start writing an essay without any understanding? What’s point in giving this advice?

However, this tip is vital. Because sometime it happens that due to some previous concept in mind students think that this essay is exactly the same as I have read in certain material. But in reality there is no chance it could happen in ielts exam. The idea which you have in your mind can cause detrimental effect on your score.

So try to read the essay topic very carefully and make certain you have understood it well.

Second: Brainstorm

The most important of all. In simple sense, Brainstorm means to think. It is very essential when you are writing professional essays like ielts. You should at least spend 5 minutes of your time for brainstorming. We will learn brainstorming in a separate article.For the time being, you just have to remember that you must think as mush points as you can for writing essay and make notes of them.

Third: write and check

Writing the essay is an obvious part. However, you should pay special attention to checking. You have to spare sometime for checking your essay.

You can apply checking at three different levels.

  1. Check your sentence when you finish it.
  2. Recheck every sentence when you finish writing each paragraph.
  3. Spare at least 3 to 5 minutes to recheck every sentence of your essay when you finish the whole essay.

Following these simple steps will definitely increase your band score.