Ielts reading seems difficult for most of the students.yer by following proper techniques and guidance you can achieve whatever you wish in it. ielts reading is in fact a scoring module in which you can even aim for 40 out of 40.

here we would step by step learn all the tips and techniques which is required to get the desired band score in ielts reading.

What does ielts reading consist ?

As far as the content of ielts reading is concerned, It consist of three passages of about 1500 to 2500 words in length.40 questions are set in these three passages.No specific knowledge is required of any specific field to appear these passages.However, these passages are quite advanced so you require thorough knowledge of English with a sound understanding of advanced words and complex patterns and structures of English.

Question types in ielts reading.

As you know ielts reading has got 40 questions within three different paragraphs. Ielts wants to make sure you are able to understand and apply all the reading skills that’s why questions of reading has wide horizon.

Some of the common questions types are listed below.

  • Yes/No/Not given type questions.
  • True/False/Not given type questions.
  • Matching heading questions.
  • Multiple choice questions.
  • Fill in the blanks questions.
  • Author or scientist opinion type questions.

How to get 8 band score in ielts reading.

As i said before reading seems difficult. but a proper technique can surely improve the band score.Here in this page I have tried to include everything which is needed to improve the band score. for your convenience I have divided all the tips and techniques in different chapters or articles.

First thing always comes first. that is why,It is very important that you read all the articles in sequence. you must have known that most of the students get weak score in ielts reading. the students get low score not because they do not have the knowledge or dedication.What they do not have is proper guidance. if proper guidance is provided then any student can get the required band score.

Chapter 1 : Importance of reading in getting 8 band score in IELTS reading.

Chapter 2  : What should be Read to get 8 band score in IELTS reading?

Chapter 3 : Coming shortly.