Tips 15 to 20 : Core tips to get 7 and higher band score in IELTS writing

This is the fourth and last article under the title top 20 tips for ielts writing. You have read three articles so far in which we discussed the parameters which are enormously(greatly) important to be remembered.These parameters should be taken into consideration and implemented.Now in this article we will go and look into something which you should not do.

We have already discussed and you know that IELTS writing task 2 is a formal piece of writing. formal word, here, is very important to us.There are certain norms which have to be taken into consideration when you write something formal. So before you attempt the ielts writing task 2 here is something which should not be applied.

What you should not do.

Tip 15  : Never use short forms.

We are in habit of using short words due to the exposure to social media. But that is strictly prohibited in IETLS writing. Never use short form such as,  I’m, we’ll, it’s or I’ve. Or some technical short forms like i.e.(that is)

Tip 16 : Never use colloquial language.

We understand the meaning ‘formal’ and colloquial language is informal which is used when we are with friends and relatives. When writing IELTS essay it is of no use.

Tip 17 : Do not use simple vocabulary.

Simple vocabulary or sentences will not fetch you higher band score. If you are aiming for higher band score you have to learn and use higher and advanced vocabulary.

Follow  band 7 vocabulary learn such words.

Tip 18 : Never use simple linking words.

Just like the simple vocabulary, simple linking words such as ‘but’ ‘and’,’so’ are of no use in fetching higher band score.Thus, use higher linking words and conjunctions in your essays.

Tip 19 : Do not use personal examples.

In writing essays, sometime you have to give examples in support of your arguments.however, these examples do not mean that you give personal example.

For example, you feel that people are cheated by restaurants owner at tourist places. Then use general example,

Like, “many tourists, when, visit certain places and are frequently cheated by restaurant owners.”

Don not use “once I had gone to visit a hill station and restaurant owner had cheated me.

Tip 20 : Do not give your opinion too strongly.

In ielts writing you are told to give your opinion. your opinion is very important. but you  should not give the opinion too strongly.

Do not write: ‘I strongly believe that’ , ‘I personally feel that.’

Instead Write:’As far as I am concerned.’ ‘In my opinion.’ ‘According to me, ‘If you ask me.’

So here we end 20 vital tips on getting higher band score.Try to apply these tips i your writing.

Best of luck