Is grammar essential to speak English?

Generally, the focus of the people remains mostly on what they should do to achieve their goal.This is a good thing that your focus is on your target that you always concentrate on what you wanted and how you would achieve your goal

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Principles of languages

So far in the journey of learning English we have come to know that most of the people who want to learn English have not been able to learn English as a language, we have already covered that English is a language and language learning is quite different from learning other subjects. Even when people accept English as a language…

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Why should we learn English?

A thought waving in my mind while writing this book, “Why do we need a book like this? There are dozens of books available in the market; lots of classes are being run here and there.In addition,people are working hard to achieve fair level of fluency in English.I think,there must have been some results, if people are putting serious efforts…

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Importance of English

Before we start, I would like to share a story with you. I have seen a movie recently. The name of the movie is “Ocean’s eleven”. There are lots of characters in that movie which can attract anybody. But the character which interests me the most was the Villain of the movie. He possessed a strange talent of having a…

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Are You Learning English The Right Way?

We want to learn English that is why; we are spending a great deal of time, money, efforts and energy to get the results. But, are we getting the expected results? If, no, Then, are we learning English the right way? Most of the English aspirants seem to have wondered WHY aren’t they FLUENT? Why can’t they express themselves in…

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