IELTS writing tips : basic understanding

IELTS writing tips : Basic understanding

You must have read from plenty of resources about IELTS writing. Here in this article also, we are going to discuss the same, however, with more practicality.

In the first place, you may want to know why writing is included in IELTS exam. The students, who are going to abroad, have to write plenty of documents, essays and notes. Thus it is obvious that the students should possess healthy writing skill. This is the prime reason why IELTS wants to make sure you are capable enough to write down formally.

Mainly, there are two parts of IELTS writing both in academic and general modules.

Task 1 and task 2.

Task 2 is same for both academic and general module. Task 1 is different.

Task 1

Academic module:

For academic module Task 1 is an illustration of charts, diagrams or processes. In this task candidates are given the diagram of certain research or information. Candidates have to write down the summary in about 150 words of this information.

The task has to be finished in 20 minutes.

General module

Task 1 for ielts general is somewhat different. In general module the students are given a situation of some incident for which they have to write down a letter.

The letter should also be written in about 150 words and must be finished in 20 minutes.

Task 2

Task 2 is same for both the academic and general modules and carries more importance for obtaining the final band score.

In task 2, the candidates are given a topic of general interest on which they have to present a formal written argument in about 250 words for which 40 minutes is allotted which means the students have to finish the task in 40 minutes.

Here the formal word is important to us. While writing a Formal essay there are some dos and don’ts which should be considered seriously. Otherwise there may be a serious impact on the band score.

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