Chapter 1 : What does the true vocabulary really mean?

You must have heard about the importance of the words from most of the people in your surroundings. Mastery over words is vital to get ahead in life, to get success in your desired field ,or to get a good band score in IELTS. Hence, everyone is trying hard to build a better vocabulary.People work on different methods and perceptions which they have been told by their teachers,well wishers or friends.However, it is of utmost importance to know what the true vocabulary really means before actually learning words.

Different People possess different concept in their mind about the vocabulary building. However, there is a very fine line between conception and misconception. Normally, people who want to build their vocabulary adopt a method of cramming.The approach is to find out a list of abstract words and cram them.Sometime this list is provided by teachers,schools or classes and the students are told to cram the words.

But here is a question “is learning words means cramming them?” We have to contemplate whether this method would really give us the true vocabulary. We live in a technologically sound and advanced era where finding the list of abstract words is as simple as learning alphabets in nursery. If you want to find this list, just type the phrase ‘words’ or ‘vocabulary’ and Google it. You would find numerous links which can provide copious amount of words.

But, do you really think these abstract words lists would help you building up your vocabulary?

I think it wouldn’t.Because, In this process, you only go through the list, try to remember or cram them.You would not be able to implement them practically in your day to day life.You would just remember the words. And merely remembering the words would not help you speak fluently or write convincingly.People follow this pattern of cramming words.However, it would not help them to use those words in their day to day life.

Moreover, we speak sentences and not the words. You are making grave mistake if you are learning words alone. Myriad numbers of students cram the words for their speaking and writing but when they try to use those words,they stumble because the words which they have crammed don’t come at the tip of their tongue instantly. In addition, they have learned those words alone. They haven’t learned them practically used in sentences.They just know the word but are never able to use it.

This is not a true vocabulary. The true vocabulary really means that you can use the words in your speech and writing.

Now what is a true vocabulary and how can we build it ?

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