Chapter 4 : Band 7+ Words to introduce yourself in IELTS speaking.

Chapter 4: Band 7 and above Words to introduce yourself in IELTS speaking.

In your day to day life you must have come across with plenty of people. All these people have certain personality. Some are positive, some may be negative. Some other may be interested in enjoying variety of foods or some with complete austerity. You may want to define the personality of these people. Fortunately English has got wide variety of words to define each and every kind of people. These power words not only describe the people’s personality in a proper way but also get you band 7 and above. But due to having less exposure they are not at the tip of your tongue.

You think about people’s personality and the word which define them. You also want to introduce yourself effectively to them. But, sometime you don’t recall the exact words to define them. So, you use rather basic words.

This happens in Ielts speaking also. So I have thought why not giving you some fascinating words for introduction which is equivalent to band 7 and above. In this chapter, I am giving you some powerful words which define the personality type of people. Use these words to think the personality type of the people you know and introduce them effectively, convincingly and fascinatingly and also secure band 7 and above in your speaking test.

Note: Think about any of your friends who possess these personalities while learning these words.

  1. Extrovert:

He is a person who likes to go out, meet other people, doesn’t worry about what people think about him. He is a heart of any party or social gathering. He is aboveboard, frank and full of confidence.

  1. Introvert

He always worries about what other people think about him. He never expresses himself. He may be a genius in his field yet lacking in confidence. He prefers solitude or company of one or two people at the most. He is not quite good at making friends.


Did you ever feel that you were full of confidence in one of your friend’s party but lacked the same in the family gathering?
Well, if you felt that you belong to the most people who are having the dual personality. You sometime feel highly confident, at that time you are extrovert, yet in other times your confidence is at the bottom. In this case you are introvert.

This personality is called ambivert (sometime extrovert, sometime introvert)

  1. Optimist:

You must have heard about the story of a half filled glass where people are asked about what they look at.

Some people say it is half full. Whereas other people say it s half empty.

The people who call it half full are positive people. They always look, say and feel positive about people, things and situation.

Advanced word for positive is optimist.

And the people who call it half empty are negative people. They always look, say and feel negative about people, things and situation.

The word is pessimist, the exact opposite of optimist.

  1. Down to earth:

Some people are so simple that they possess a million dollar company still they shake hand with the gate keepers of their company even remember his name. They do not ask for any special privilege for them. They can sit on a simple chair, eat simple food. They are the believer of simplicity and practicality. They live very simple life and believe in that too.

  1. Gregarious:

Gregarious persons are just like extrovert. They are sociable; enjoy meeting people and heart of the party.

  1. Gourmet:

I have seen a tv program where a man wanders in different regions of India in search of tasty, delicious food and explain the recipe, taste delicacy of the food to his viewers.

This person who is interested in eating and admirer of the taste of food is gourmet.

  1. Dexter:
    if you are having a skill. You are a skillful person.

Dexter is an advanced word for skillful.Adroit is another advanced word for skillful. Dexterity is a skill. So is adroitness.

  1. Versatile:

Some people can dance well; others can sing well, some others can be good at study. Here, we have this person who is good at plenty of things. He can dance, sing, and write. He is good at study and is able to secure first rank. At the same time he can play sports and become the captain of it.

The person who is skillful in many things is called versatile.

  1. Philanthropist:

Philanthropist people are those who work for the society. They donate, they run an NGO, and they sympathize with poor.

The words which we learnt here.

Extrovert : My uncle was having such an extrovert nature that he could start dancing in an open street

Introvert : Sara is so introvert she never goes to any party.

Ambivert  : I have an ambivert attitude. Sometime I feel confidence. Sometime I don’t.

Optimist : My father is an extrovert and optimist person.

Pessimist : You have to get rid of that pessimist attitude. She did not call you for 10 days does not mean that she does not care for you. 

Down to earth : Dr.APJ Abdul kalam was a down to earth person who never took lavish lifestyle.

Gregarious:  Sanjay was an open, gregarious person who loved people.

Gourmet: Gourmet people always like party.

Dexter /Adroit: he is Dexter/ adroit at computer software.

Dexterity /Adroitness: The way his fingers are moving on a keyboard shows his clear dexterity/adroitness.

Versatile: Farhan Akhtar is a versatile personality who can sing, do acting and direct a movie and get success in all of them.

Philanthropist: More businessman have started to do philanthropic (adjective of philanthropist) activities nowadays than in the past