Chapter 9 : Words on the basis of Latin roots

The easiest way to learn words is to go back to its parent language and get the knowledge of roots.You might have known that most of the European languages have their roots in Latin and Greek languages.hence,it would be a tremendous idea to learn the words on the basis of these roots.once you understand roots you can at least guess the meaning of any strange words you come across in your day to day reading.In this chapter,we are going to learn one root of Latin language and the words which is built on that root.

Latin root : Scribe 

Meaning in English : To write  

We all have to consult a doctor in certain period of time.When we see a doctor he gives us certain medicines on a piece of paper which is called prescription.There are number of valuable words we can learn if we understand the Latin root in this word. 

Latin root in the word prescription is scribe which means to write.So prescription is a written statement of a doctor telling his patient what to take. 

‘Verb’ form of ‘prescription‘ is ‘prescribe‘.

So prescribe is to tell the patient to take the medicine.

The second word is proscribe which is used to tell the patient not to take this or the patient has to avoid those thing which have been proscribed. 

Noun : Proscription

Now when you inscribe something you write in. (in means inside and scribe is to write ).So inscribe is used when anything is written in the stone or something.

Inscription is a stone writing.  

Scripture is another word based on this root which means holy writing. ‘Vedas’ are the scripture of Hindu religion.  

Scribble is a careless writing. when you write anything hurriedly or carelessly it is called scribble.

Script as we all know is a writing of any play or movie  

One more word which has taken the root scribe is ‘Ascribe‘ the word simply means to give the credit. if someone has written something you can say that this song ascribe to certain singer.  

Attribute is a synonym of ascribe. 

Words learnt in this chapter.