Chapter 2 : How to build a better vocabulary?

Words have always been important to get success academically, economically or socially. One word can consummate the deal or break it. Nicely used word would run like a bullet and pierce deep into the target. It is, therefore, vitally important to build a better vocabulary.

We have already discussed in chapter 1 that people only cram the words and not learn them practically. They miss one of the core things to build a better vocabulary. We have also discussed that the individual word is having less importance as compared to the word applied in a sentence. So, the basic and vital thing is we have to see the words practically applied somewhere by educated people of English language. For that you have to read and listen to English speakers.

You need to develop the habit of seeing the words practically applied. And they can only be seen in reading and listening. You have to spend time for quality reading as well as listening. You should build the habit of spending time, at least an hour, for reading advanced magazines such as ‘national geographic, readers digest, India today or any standard newspaper like ‘times of India’ or ‘new York times’ or some books by prominent authors. You should also listen to English movies, news channels, and programs.

Reading and listening of this kind would give you numerous benefits. In the first place, you would be able to use the words which you have seen in the reading. Secondly, and more importantly, you can use these words in correct manner. When you start doing this you would see in a very short time that plenty of the words are repeating. These words which are frequently repeated are your core words.

You need to be having a good command over these core words of English language which enables you to grow your career. In addition, it would be helpful to you in numerous ways like leaving enthralling impression to your peers, increasing your earning power, cracking competitive exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, UPSC, GPSC, and many others.

The core vocabulary is essential for you to get success. English language has got thousands of words. No one can learn them by cramming. It can only be learnt through reading and listening. By reading and listening it would go to your mind and your mind will remember these words unconsciously and it would give you back when and where you require.

In this book, I have collected numerous core words. We would learn the words with new stunning, pragmatic, revolutionary approach. We are going to see these words in different categories. You just need to spend 30 minutes of your time to learn these words every day and soon you would feel the drastic change in the understanding of the words.

Before going to learn the words, you have to test your present vocabulary.

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