Ielts band 7+ vocabulary core list

IELTS band 7+ vocabulary core list, provided here, has been specially designed for the students who are endeavoring towards getting 7 or more band score in IELTS. IELTS only gives higher band core to the students who use advanced grammar, structures, and vocabulary.

You might have read in my previous articles that fluency and grammar proficiency is more than enough for getting 6 band score in writing and speaking. It is absolutely fine if you are not able to use the words which are in a higher bracket. However, if your aim is 7 band or higher then you must get used to with advanced and core vocabulary of English language.

Three factors are normally taken in to account when an examiner is peering through your IELTS essay. To give you 7 band score or higher he would look for,

  1. Complex and advanced structure construction.
  2. Advanced vocabulary.
  3. Passive voice.

In this article, we would see advanced vocabulary. You would be provided a complete, comprehensive list of core words which is used by prominent authors, columnists, and writers in different standard magazines, newspapers, and IELTS reading. This list is extremely useful for you in writing essays. In addition, this would be helpful for the reading and speaking section too.

How to use IELTS band 7+ vocabulary core list

In the list, the first word is a basic word which is known to most English aspirants who are graduates or postgraduates even intermediate. With this, two or three advanced words have been provided. You should get the mastery over these words. You can increase your band score by simply replacing the word which you use presently with the more advanced words which have been given here.

Remember that the core vocabulary would only be useful to you if you would develop the habit of seeing them in different reading and listening.

You can see IELTS vocabulary builder on this website for a detailed study of higher vocabulary

Here we go

IELTS band 7+ vocabulary core list

Core list 1

  • More: Immense, Plenty, Myriad, Copious
  • Think: Contemplate, Ponder, Envisage
  • Continuous: Perpetual, Instantaneous,
  • Incredible: Awesome, fantastic
  • fool, people who can easily be cheated: Gullible, Naive
  • Threatening: Appalling, Formidable
  • Something which can cause death: fatal, lethal
  • Option: Alternative, Surrogate
  • Repair: Amend, Rectify
  • Reduce: Mitigate, Diminish

Core list 2

  • Native: Indigenous, Aboriginal
  • One who does not accept modernity: Orthodox, Conservative
  • Compulsory: Obligatory, Mandatory
  • Emphasize: highlight, to give importance to something
  • Belief: Notion, Creed
  • Something or someone which can easily be broken: Vulnerable, Fragile
  • Merely : just
  • Useful : handy
  • Practical : Pragmatic, feasible
  • Examine :Scrutinize, Observe

Core list 3

  • Get : obtain, acquire
  • Tired : Enervate, Exhausted, fed up
  • Stop : Deter, Prevent
  • Shout : Yell, exclaim, scream
  • leave : Give up
  • Skillful : Agile, nimble, dexterous
  • Fight :Combat, battle,
  • Achieve : Accomplish
  • carelessly : Recklessly, impulsively
  • Carefully : Meticulously, scrupulously, Painstakingly

Core list 4

  • One who eats everything : Omnivores
  • One who devours flesh of other animals : Carnivores
  • One who solely depends on herbs, fruits and vegetables : Herbivores
  • Animals : fauna
  • Plants :Flora
  • One who gives birth to young ones :Mammals – animals, human
  • One who lays eggs : birds, avian
  • One who can live in water as well as on land : Amphibians – Frogs
  • One who creeps on grounds : Reptiles – snake, crocodile, python

Core list 5

  • Important : Significant, Vital, Core
  • Direct : Explicit
  • Indirect : Implicit
  • Lawful : legitimate, Authentic
  • Restrict : Captive, Confine
  • Accept : Acknowledge, Concede
  • Slow : Sluggish, linger
  • To put something at risk : Jeopardize
  • Suffer :Endure, Tolerate, Bear
  • Concentrate : Pay attention, Heed


Core list 6

  • Tease : Annoy, Infuriate
  • Call : Summon
  • Use : Exploit, Utilize,
  • cancel : Repeal
  • Convince : Persuade
  • Stop : Deter, Prevent
  • Delay : Postpone, Procrastinate
  • Mix : Concoct, Merge
  • State positively : Assert, affirm
  • Reduce : Mitigate, Alleviate, Curtail

Core list 7

  • Something which have happened first time in history : Unprecedented
  • Something which is everywhere : Ubiquitous, Omnipresent
  • Something which is Very old : Ancient
  • Present-day : Modern
  • In between ancient and modern :Medieval, Middle age, Gothic
  • Something(birds or animals) which is at risk of disappearing : Endangered
  • Something(birds or animals) which has already disappeared : Extinct
  • Someone who is mentally sharp :Astute, Shrewd
  • Praise someone in a positive way : Extol
  • Praise someone madly : Flatter, Adulate

Core list 8

  • Famous : Prominent, Eminent, Prestigious
  • Boring : Stereotype, Monotonous, Bovine
  • Useless :Futile, Trivial
  • Unconscious :Faint
  • Reluctant : Reticent, Taciturn
  • Fluent :Articulate, Cogent, eloquent
  • Lucky : Fortunate
  • Unlucky :Unfortunate
  • Full of strength :Sturdy, Robust
  • Rich : Affluent, Opulent

Core list 9

  • Offer : Bid, Proposal
  • Poverty : Stinginess, Penury
  • Beautiful view: Panoramic view, Scenic view
  • Travelling: Expedition.
  • Pity : Compassion
  • Attraction :Fascination
  • Threat :Menace
  • Prosperous period : Heyday
  • Secret : Clandestine
  • Stubborn : Recalcitrant

Core list 10

  • Disprove :Refute
  • Speak a lie in a twisting way : Distort
  • Support : Endorse, Bolster
  • Bargain : Strike a bargain, Negotiate
  • Disappear : Vanish
  • Increase : Escalate
  • Make strong : Fortify
  • Destroy : Ruin, Demolish
  • Understand : Comprehend, Decipher
  • Scold: Admonish, Berate

Core list 11:

Words which can be used to admire your friends.

  • The friend who never gets tired : Indefatigable
  • The friend who is brave    :  Intrepid
  • The friend who does a lot to help other people and society : Philanthropist
  • The friend who is equally skillful with both hands : Ambidextrous
  • The friend who is a complete master on some skills such as music or other : Virtuoso
  • The friend who remains calm in difficult or unfortunate situation : Placid
  • The friend who is so big hearted that he never possesses any hostility to any person : Magnanimous
  • The friend who is skillful : Adroit
  • The friend who is simple and selfless : Altruist

Core list 12:

Words which can be used to insult your enemies.

  • The person who is selfish, always thinks of himself, never gives a damn on other people’s interests or emotions : Egocentric
  • The person who is ready to serve the rich and powerful even by losing his self respect. He is a bootlicker: Sycophant
  • The person who hates people from other cast, gender ,creed, nation or religion : Chauvinist
  • The person who loves and admires his wife madly : Uxorious
  • The person who believes in complete obedience: Martinet
  • The person who is so fool that he believes in every bit of information spread anywhere, from news, friends or social media : Gullible
  • The person who has slightest or no regrets for his wrong deed, action or behavior : Unconscionable
  • The person who is infamous for his past or present deed, action or behavior : Notorious

Core list 13

  • Beautiful : Charming, Alluring, Spellbound
  • Difficult to accomplish : Arduous
  • Difficult or mysterious : Enigmatic
  • Straightforward : Categorical
  • Confusing or Unclear : Ambiguous, Equivocal
  • Incomparable : Unparalleled
  • Friendly : Amiable, Amicable, Benign
  • Unfriendly/Bad : malignant

Benign and malignant can be used differently in medical terms.

As in case of tumor:  ‘Benign tumor’, ‘malignant tumor’

As in case of disease:  ‘Benign disease’, ‘malignant disease’

Core list 14

  • Darken : Obfuscate
  • Hate : Abhor
  • Belittle : Disparage
  • Disturb :Perturb
  • Soften a person by convincing him : Placate
  • To speed up the process : Expedite
  • To shorten or cut short : Curtail
  • Confirm : Corroborate
  • Understand : Figure out
  • Win or dominate over others : Prevail