Chapter 3 : Test your vocabulary for ielts

How about a test of your present word power?

It is imperative to know your present knowledge of  words in English. you can appear for this test here. 50 words have been given.Some of them are easy, some harder, some hardest. Try to score maximum in this test but don’t worry if you score low.This is just the beginning not the end. A mere screening of your present status.

So, give the test honestly. I have given the word with its collocation to give you some advantage of logical guessing.The underlined word is a test word. 3 options have been given for each question.Choose the word which is nearest in meaning.wild guessing is allowed.but, please do not look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary until you finish the test.

Just,have a paper and a pen,mark down 1 to 50 and choose the best answer.

Answers and score interpretation have been given at the end of the test.

1. A baffling problem.
A. difficult
B. simple
C. puzzling

2. A Prevalent disease
A. dangerous
B. catching
C. widespread

3. An ophthalmologist
A. An eye doctor
B. A skin doctor
C. A foot doctor

4. An anonymous donor
A. Generous
B. Stingy
C. Not known

5. An autopsy of a tissue
A- Examination of a living tissue
B- Examination of a dead tissue
C- An operation

6. An indefatigable worker
A- well paid
B- Skillful
C- Tireless

7. An incorrigible liar
A- Happy
B- Beyond correction
C- Foolish

8. A notorious liar
A- Infamous
B- Gambler
C- Spendthrift

9. Gullible voters
A- Unwise
B- Hostile
C- Naive

10. An affluent businessman
A- Well known
B- Rich
C- Popular

11. A gourmet person
A- Season traveler
B- Greedy eater
C- Vegetarian

12. A magnanimous social worker
A- Puzzling
B- Generous
C- Foolish

13. Nostalgic feeling
A- Homesickness
B- Sharp
C- Delighted

14. Congenital problem
A- Crippling
B- Incurable
C- Occurring at birth

15. To mitigate a problem
A- Reduce
B- Increase
C- Maintain

16. Vicarious feeling
A- Complete
B- Unspoiled
C- Passive

17. A uxorious husband
A- Suspicious
B- Henpecked
C- Guilty

18. Detrimental virus
A- Depressing
B- Increasing
C- Injurious

19. To subjugate and enslave
A- To substitute
B- To subdue
C- To yield

20. Berserk attitude
A- Harry
B- Wild and angry
C- Foreign

21. Euphoria
A- Feeling of well being
B- Unconsciousness
C- Loss of memory

22. Plethora of emotion
A- Confusion
B- Excess
C- Epidemic

23. Live in penury
A- Poverty
B- Stinginess
C- richness

24. Ponder over a problem
A- Solve
B- Think
C- Face

25. An elusive creature
A- Easy to catch
B- Difficult to catch
C- Easy to forget

26. Arduous task
A- Difficult
B- Baffling
C- Tiring

27. Persecution of people
A- Help
B- Harassment
C- Cheat

28. An attitude of procrastination
A- Postpone
B- Admiration
C- Positive

29. A culpable official
A- Honest
B- Blameworthy
C- Lazy

30. Tantamount to 10 kg
A. Unequal
B. Equivalent
C. Different

31. Obscuring situation
A. Confusing
B. Easy
C. Unclear

32. A prolific writer
A – Stubborn
B – Greedy
C. In great numbers

33. Imperative problem
A. very important
B. Silly
C. Occurred in past

34. Pragmatic approach
A. Superficial
B. Energetic
C. Practical

35. An indignant wife
A. Lovable
B. Angry
C. Faithful

36. A recalcitrant boy
A. Stubborn
B. Energetic
C. Foolish

37. Peremptory decision
A. Final
B. Unnecessary
C. Secret

38. Paramount priority
A. First and foremost
B. On mountain
C. Equal

39. A misanthropic person
A. One who hates humanity
B. One who hates women
C. One who hates religion

40. A misogynist person
A. One who hates humanity
B. One who hates women
C. One who hates religion

41. To extol
A. Hate
B. Praise
C. Enjoy

42. Esoteric situation
A. Mysterious
B. Threatening
C. Familier

43. Fascination for a celebrity
A. Craziness
B. Hatred
C. Love

44. To endorse a product
A. Support
B. Oppose
C. Want

45. A vulnerable child
A. Stubborn
B. Mischievous
C. susceptible to damage

46. A chauvinist leader
A. one who encourages people
B. one who hates other religion, cast, gender, nation
C. One who loves other religion, cast, gender, nation

47. Catastrophic situation
A. Causing serious injury
B. Natural
C. Occurring every year

48. To abhor a crime
A. Hate
B. Love
C. Support

49. Copious amount of water
A. Abundant
B. Palatable
C. Dirty

50. Scrutinizing a problem
A. Observe
B. Reduce
C. Increase

Answer key

  1. C
  2. C
  3. A
  4. C
  5. B
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A
  9. C
  10. B
  11. B
  12. B
  13. A
  14. C
  15. A
  16. C
  17. B
  18. C
  19. B
  20. B
  21. A
  22. B
  23. A
  24. B
  25. B
  26. A
  27. B
  28. A
  29. B
  30. B
  31. C
  32. C
  33. A
  34. C
  35. B
  36. A
  37. A
  38. A
  39. A
  40. B
  41. B
  42. A
  43. A
  44. A
  45. C
  46. B
  47. A
  48. A
  49. A
  50. A

Score interpretation 

Below average   :   If you get 10 or below correct.

Average              :   If you get  10 to 20  correct.

Above average   :   If you get  20 to 30 correct.

Superior             :   If you get  30 to 40 correct.

Proficient           :   If you get  above 40  correct.