Chapter 11 : Top 20 idioms for ielts writing and speaking

Idioms and phrases are having unique place in English language which are equally important for getting higher band score in ielts exam. We have selected 25 most important and useful idioms here.Use them to impress your examiner and in turn to fetch higher band score.

1.To make a mountain out of a molehill : Exaggerate the importance of trivial matters.


2.Leave no stone unturned : Try to do everything in one’s hand 


3.Locking the stable door after the horse has been stolen : Take the steps after harm has been done.


4.Search a needle in a hay stack : Work for something which is practically impossible.


5. Put the cards on the table : Say talk or act clearly without hiding anything.


6. Barking on a wrong trunk : Go or think in wrong direction.


7. Spill the beans : Reveal secret information unintentionally.


8. Keep needling someone about someone : keep telling bad things about someone to someone else. 


9.  Put other in the shade : Perform or work in such a way that other people’s work seem unimportant, Outshine other people.


10.Beat around the bush : Passing time by telling unimportant and trivial things. 


11.Make no bones : Say clearly what you think about something. 


12.To have a bone to pick with someone : To try and have quarrel with someone.


13.Put fat in the fire : Make things worst which are already bad by doing something.


14.Put yourself in someone’s shoes. : Imagine yourself in the situation of other people.


15.Cut no ice : Do no good.


16.Call spade a spade : Say something straight forward even if it hurts feeling of others.


17.Cast aspersion : Criticize 


18.let bygones be bygones : Forget about all negativity,hostility and bitterness about the past.


19.Rowing upstream against a pretty swift current : To try to do impossible things.


20. Feel chilled to bone : Feel enormously cold.