Chapter 6 : learning words from different readings.

We all know that IELTS reading is the toughest of all modules. IELTS writing is second in difficulty level.both these modules require a healthy vocabulary at your command. plenty of times, students are not able to get the answers in IELTS reading because of poor vocabulary .

As I frequently harass(tease) you in almost all of my posts that you have to be a voracious(greedy) reader in order to get higher band score. it is my responsibility to get you aware that you can learn plenty of words and expressions without getting bored or sitting constantly cramming words.

But how ? through reading different novels,newspapers,books and magazines.

Reading the books is the simplest and fun way to learn the words in general and improve your vocabulary in particular. You just have to be in habit of putting this tremendous technique in practice.

In this new, advanced technique of learning words, I will give you words in the context of the reading which I get from my reading. You just have to follow below mentioned steps to learn these words perfectly and permanently.

Step 1: Try to guess the meaning of the word from the context of reading.

Step 2: If you are not able to get the meaning. Try to figure out if it is used in a positive way or a negative way.

Step 3: Then see the meaning of these words at the end of this article.

Step 4: Then see the meaning of the same words in a good dictionary. spend sometime there. Read the definition, examples and synonym and then forget.

Step 5: Follow this pattern regularly.

So here we go. The word which is bold is the word you have to learn.

“ HBO is without doubt the king of sophisticated viewing, thanks to its system of receiving money through subscription rather than advertising which means it is not hampered by the usual restraints that hinder other network TV shows.”

“But with art comes empathy.t allows us to look through someone else’s eyes and know their strivings and struggles.”

“Many things are exacerbating the effects of the drought in Central America, including pervasive deforestation and farmers overtaxing their land.”

“When we are without art, we are a diminished people — myopic, unlearned and cruel.

This is a very serious situation demanding unequivocal action at every level.”

The export market is most lucrative in Japan

 Meaning of the words :
hampered Stop someone from doing something,hinder
hinder Stop,protect
empathy Ability to understand the feeling of other people
strivings struggling
exacerbating make something worse
pervasive Everywhere,Prevalent
diminished Decrease
myopic lacking vision or sight,short sighted
Unequivocal Straight forward
Lucrative  Profitable