Chapter 8 : 11 words which can increase your band from 6 to 8.

This is the 8th chapter of IELTS VOCABULARY BUILDER. Here we would see 10 outstanding words which can get you 8 band score in ielts writing task 2.We would follow the same method which we have followed in chapter 5 revealing the advanced words step by step by using the words you already just have to replace these words with advanced word.these words can definitely get you band 8 in IELTS writing task 2 as well as in task 1.However there are other parameters too for speaking as well as writing which should be taken into consideration.So here we go.

1. Examine: one word for ‘examine’ is ‘observe’ which is as basic as ‘examine’.

The advanced word which can be used for both of them is ‘scrutinize

Example: The police officer tried to scrutinize the case of murder by corroborating the facts.

Scrutiny’ is a noun form of scrutinize and is equally important.

(what are nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs commonly known as parts of the speech will be discussed in separate articles later on.) 

 2. Get: Two advanced words we will have to pay attention to.

1st: ‘obtain’, 2nd: ‘acquire’. However, obtain is more famous for writing and speaking. 

Example: We could obtain the seats in concert because we went early. 

By vigorous practice  and hard work he has acquired such skill.

3.Concentrate : two superb words are, ‘pay attention’ and ‘heed

Pay attention is more than enough to get 7 band score. Heed is 8 band word.

 4.Support : We have two advanced words for support here.actually there are plenty of words which can be used in place of support.However,you have enough problems to look into before going to those words. presently, you can pay attention to these two advanced words.

Endorse is a 7 band score word to be used in stead of support.Whereas, Bolster is an 8 band score word.

5.Understand :

one word which is commonly used in place of understand is 8 word for understand is fathom. so if you do not understand something you can speak like,

I can not comprehend.or I can not fathom. 

one other word which is of 8 band value is Unfathomable which means the things which is so difficult that it can not be understood easily.(un:not, fathom: understand).as in,

The depth of the ocean is unfathomable. or

Risk involved in the nuclear activities is unfathomable. 

Words learnt in this chapter. 





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