How to get 8+ band score in IELTS reading

Ielts reading seems difficult for most of the students.However, by following proper techniques and guidance you can achieve whatever you wish in it. Ielts reading is in fact a scoring module in which you can even aim for 40 out of 40.

here we would step by step learn all the tips and techniques which is required to get the desired band score in IELTS reading.

What does IELTS reading consist ?

As far as the content of IELTS reading is concerned, It consist of three passages of about 1500 to 2500 words in length.40 questions are set in these three passages.No specific knowledge is required of any specific field to appear these passages.However, these passages are quite advanced so you require thorough knowledge of English with a sound understanding of advanced words and complex patterns and structures of English.

Question types in IELTS reading.

As you know IELTS reading has got 40 questions within three different paragraphs. Ielts wants to make sure you are able to understand and apply all the reading skills that’s why questions of reading has wide horizon.

Some of the common questions types are listed below.

  • Yes/No/Not given type questions.
  • True/False/Not given type questions.
  • Matching heading questions.
  • Multiple choice questions.
  • Fill in the blanks questions.
  • Author or scientist opinion type questions.

How to get 8 band score in ielts reading.

As i said before reading seems difficult. but a proper technique can surely improve the band score.Here in this page I have tried to include everything which is needed to improve the band score. for your convenience I have divided all the tips and techniques in different chapters or articles.

First thing always comes first. that is why,It is very important that you read all the articles in sequence. you must have known that most of the students get weak score in ielts reading. the students get low score not because they do not have the knowledge or dedication.What they do not have is proper guidance. if proper guidance is provided then any student can get the required band score.


IELTS READING TIPS : Importance of reading

Have you heard these questions from IELTS students ?

  • I could not complete 40 questions in time.
  • I was not able to comprehend the questions and paragraph.
  • I have attempted IELTS several times. Yet, I got stuck at lower band score.
  • How can I score higher in IELTS reading?
  • How to attempt different reading questions?
  • I don’t understand the different between ‘No’ and ‘Not Given’
  • Matching heading is a nightmare.
  • Why all the options in MCQS look like an answer?

9 out of 10 students find reading test the toughest of all modules.Plenty of My students as well as the students from other institutions frequently ask for reading tips.

So, I have come up with the first article.

This article is the introduction of the series of the article which would be uploaded on this website. In this series of the article we would learn the practical aspects of improving your reading in general and your score in IELTS reading in particular.  

I am deeply concerned for all the students who longed for improving IELTS reading. But, I would like to tell you very much in advanced that there is no magic stick (like the one which harry potter had) to improve your score in reading like most of the famous websites claim.

The tips discussed over here are not for those people who want to improve their reading score overnight and easily. Improving your reading score requires hard work, consistency and patience.

However, I would like to assure you on one thing. If you consistently work on the tips discussed here. If you are ready to put sincere efforts, I can take all the responsibility to improve your score.

So, in the very first step, you have to understand the difference between the people who is getting only 5.5 to 6.0 band score with those who got 7 or higher.

The main difference is the amount of books they have read in English.

Ask yourself one question.

How many books have I read so far in English? Or

How many hours a day  do I spend on serious, advanced reading?

You will definitely get the answer of your poor reading score if you have answered above questions honestly.

Students complain frequently that they run out of time in reading test because the reading was lengthy. But in reality, reading was standard. Your reading speed is too slow to cope up with the standard of IELTS.

Sometime, students do not comprehend the questions or paragraph. What is the reason? Their comprehension is too low or not up to the level.

The solution of above problems is reading. Serious, advanced, vigorous reading.

If you want to get higher band score in reading test, the first, basic and vital step is reading. Students do everything for improvement except reading. So they get the result of poor band score again and again.

From now on keep in mind that it is next to impossible for you to get higher band score if you don’t read. If you keep on reading for 2 hours a day for three months consecutively it is my guarantee that you would improve minimum 2 band score from your present level.

Reading, more reading, still more reading is the key to get higher band score.

Click here for what sort of reading you have to do to improve different modules of IELTS.

have a nice day!!!

IELTS reading tips : What should be Read ?


Generally students have got the mindset of merely giving the tests. They think this is the only way to improve the score. This perception is obvious. However, the students alone cannot be held responsible for this. Almost all the classes, websites and videos emphasize only on giving the tests.

You have to give this a serious consideration. You may be preparing for IELTS exam now. but,before that, you must have obtained a formal education. I would like to ask the question to all of you in this regard.

“Did you used to give tests only when you were studying in your college or school? “  No, a big No.

The standard procedure which is followed in any school or college is learning for a month or two on a particular subject and then the tests are taken.

Now think about IELTS exam preparation,

What are you told by the classes the day you took an admission in any class or when you open any website or other sources for preparing  IELTS exam?

“Just give 50 or 100 tests and you will get required band score.” And we are gullible enough to believe it.

See,you can only improve the techniques by giving the tests. But what about knowledge. Where do get the knowledge from?

By learning techniques you will find the key words but what if you don’t understand the paraphrasing of sentences, or construction of sentences or simply a word.

Would it be possible for you to get the right answer?

Most of the students follow this weird pattern of blindly giving test after test hoping in vain that the band score will be improved.after giving certain amount of tests they get stuck at certain level and by learning all the tips and tricks they are not able to improve their score. Why this has happened because they have missed the core thing ‘Reading”.

The students worked hard on different tips and tricks but they don’t work on the cornerstone which is reading.

Tips, tricks and techniques will help you only when you have a proper understanding of words, sentence construction and paraphrasing. IELTS reading passages are the toughest  as far as the difficulty in any English exam is concerned. They are normally taken from newspapers, magazines, books and journals which are highly advanced in terms of vocabulary and construction. 

Hence, a person needs to be advanced enough to get the proper understanding. he should understand fair amount of advanced words. so here,our question has become our answer. As these passages are taken from newspapers, magazines, books and journals. We can definitely improve our comprehension by reading them. You have to spend time for advanced and quality reading if you want to improve your band score.

Reading is a matter of interest so you can read anything as per your choice and interest. I am enlisting magazines, books and newspapers here which are authentic and reliable both for knowledge and improvement of English.

The list here has been meticulously selected. It will help you to improve not only the score in reading But the other facets such as speaking, writing and vocabulary as well.

Points to be considered while reading.

  1. Start with ‘national geographic’ and ‘reader’s digest.’
  2. As far as the newspapers are concerned read opinions and editorials which would be helpful for essay writing.
  3. Every week aim for finishing one magazine or a book.
  4. As far as the books are concerned you can select any.
  5. Read to enjoy.
  6. Read some articles for speed, some for knowledge.
  7. Get a good dictionary to see the meaning every now and then.
  8. Make it a habit to read two hours a day on different topics.


  1. National geographic: World leader in magazines, best for improving reading and writing.
  2. Readers digest: more suitable for improving speaking.
  3. India today.
  4. The week.
  5. Any magazine of your interest.


  1. NY times.
  2. LA times.
  3. The guardian.
  4. Times of India –Read epiphany of ideas first
  5. Any newspaper of your interest.


  • Perry mason mysteries :Erle Stanley gardener – more suitable for improving speaking.
  • Harry potter series: J. k. rowling.
  • The casual vacancy: J. k. rowling.
  • Twenty thousand league under the sea : Jules Verne.
  • Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Any novel from James Hadley chase.
  • Any novel from Agatha Christie.
  • Any book or novel from your interest.


Top ten tips to improve reading

Tip 1 :Read more.

“Oh! My god, not again” this phrase may have come out of your mouth when you read the first tip. I know, in each of my article I strongly emphasize on reading. But don’t worry no more boring lectures on reading because I have already written some very useful articles on importance of reading.

But keep in mind that reading is the cornerstone of building a better vocabulary, increasing your reading speed which in turn helps you to get the required band.

Just follow these links.

Tip 2: Attempt reading task vigorously.

Sometimes, problem doesn’t lie in poor reading. It lies in poor attempt. Don’t ever give reading or listening test lazily. Always give it vigorously. Immerse yourself in it. Give the test with full concentration, your mind heart even with your soul.

Tip 3: Always follow this sequence.

  • First read instruction,
  • then examples,
  • then, questions
  • Then paragraph.

Tip 4: Solve the reading yourself

It is a very good idea to solve the reading test must have surfed on the internet and found numerous reading techniques or seen you tube videos.

But, they are of not much importance unless you yourself discover where you lack exactly. When you solve te reading yourself you would find the weaknesses that can be solved latter.

Follow this process

Attempt one reading test. Suppose you got 25 out of 40 which means you got 15 wrong. Mark ut the correct option of those 15 questions and then with the right answer again do the reading test.

This time you already know the answers. Make correction with your wrong answer.

You will be amazed by doing this.

Tip 5 : Be positive

Old, traditional yet effective. This doesn’t demand much from you. You just have to think positive for yourself that you can achieve the goal

Tip 6 : Understand your strength and weaknesses

For some people yes no not given is difficult for some people matching heading is difficult always decide which task you want to do first.

Tip 7 :Don’t be in too hasty to take the date

Tip 8 :Don’t rely on your personal knowledge.

Tip 9 :Think with the author.

Tip 10 : Don’t skip the content which does not contain the key words.