Chapter 10 : Band 8 words for IELTS writing task 2.

Band 8 words for ielts writing

Is it possible to get 8 band score in writing ? yes, if you choose proper word to describe your idea. we have provided Band 8 words for IELTS writing task 2  here which could get you your dream score if you use them properly.

Every student who is preparing for IELTS has aim of getting 8 band score or at least above 7 band score. However, only handful of students could actually accomplish it. 8 band score can be achieved through proper guidance and practice.In this website you will find plenty of articles on improving your level to above 7 and 8 band.In this article, We would focus on 8 band words for IELTS writing task 2.These words have got the capacity to fetch you 8 band in writing task 2 as well as in speaking.So let’s learn them.

First,we will see these words practically used in sentences. The meaning of the word will automatically be cleared in your mind once you go through these sentences. Then, we will disclose the meaning.


Gandhiji used to say to abhor the crime not the criminal.


The judge has made his decision by corroborating all the facts.


The statement made by the leader has aggravated the the position of the party in people who are already against it.


Every government has this strange attitude to repudiate the policies of previous government.


The mother castigated his son for his unforgiving and malicious behavior with the neighbors.


In ancient times people used to be ostracized for trivial matters.


It is usual for celebrities to have fans.However,It is ridiculous when people adulate them.


So many army officers and soldiers jeopardize their lives for the love of their country.


He was fed up with the constant demand of his son so he slapped him in the morning.Now he is trying to placate him.


In India Animals such as cows,monkeys and mice and trees like Tulsi(Basil ) are venerated sacredly.

Now the meaning of words

Abhor :Hate. 

Corroborate : Confirm,make something more certain.

Aggravate : Make something worse.

Repudiate : Reject.

Castigate : Scold. 

Ostracize : Exclude.

Adulate  : Praise excessively.

Jeopardize : To put something at risk.

Placate  : Try to convince.

Venerate : Held something sacred, regard with deep respect.

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