Chapter 5 : 10 words which can increase your band from 6 to 7.

Band 7 vocabulary for IELTS

In this chapter, we have taken the method of starting with the word which you already know. Then, step by step revealing the words which are advanced. These words can be used in place of words which you are already using. By doing that you can definitely get higher band.

So here we go,

  • Think

‘Think’ is a basic word. We have got two advanced words for it.

First is ‘ponder’ second is ‘contemplate

Now you can definitely speak like “some people ponder” instead of “Some people think”.

Example: He pondered over the matter for sometime then spoke.

If you use ‘think’ you can hardly get 5.0 band score. Whereas ‘ponder’ gives you more than 6.5 band score.

‘Contemplate’ is also a synonym of ‘think’ but you have to read it in different examples because it is not exactly same as ‘ponder’

Example: She is sitting and contemplating quietly.

One more word for ‘think’ is ‘envisage’ but it is closer to ‘contemplate’ than ‘think’

If you are hoping something good in future. You can speak “I am envisaging it.

Example : He envisaged he would see his son very shortly.

  • Reduce.

We have got ‘mitigate’ which is quite advanced word and used by most authors.

Curtail’ and ‘alleviate’ are other advanced synonyms of ‘reduce’.


  • Plenty of reforms should be made to mitigate the problems of poor.
  • The medicines which the doctor gave him have alleviated the pain.
  • With the advancement of technology, physical exercise has been curtailed.


Tired :

One word which you can use to replace ‘tired’ is ‘exhausted’ which means complete tiredness.

Example: “I am completely exhausted by long journey”.

Another word for ‘tired’ is ‘fed up’. But use of fed up is somewhat different than exhausted. When you are completely bored or annoyed with someone or something. At that time you can use this word.

Example: I am fed up with your continuous silly demands.

‘Enervate’ is another word for tired. But it is highly advanced. You need to have some practice to use this word in your speaking and writing.

Here we end this chapter. plenty of chapters with myriad advanced words are in queue. Here are the Words you have learnt in this chapter.

  • Ponder
  • Contemplate
  • Envisage
  • Mitigate
  • Curtail
  • Alleviate
  • Exhausted
  • Fed up
  • Enervate

These words are important as well as elusive. So you have to see them in reading or listening on daily basis to remember them permanently.

You can see through this link for the tips on how to improve vocabulary.