Topic 30: Describe an interesting animal.

Topic 30: Describe an interesting animal.

  • When and where you saw it?
  • What does it look like?
  • And explain why is it interesting?

Sample answer 1:                                         Band score value 7+

Note: The sample answer written below has the value of minimum band 7 score. However, the candidate’s fluency, tone and pronunciation together with the grammar proficiency are significant for getting the higher band score.

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  • India is a diverse country not only in culture, tradition and religion but also in the widest range of flora and fauna.
  • In its dense forest you can find numerous wild animals which are beautiful as well as dangerous on the one hand and pets are also having the plenty of varieties on the other.
  • My country is home for many wild animals such as tigers, lions and leopards. In particular, my home state Gujarat is famous for the king of the animal, the Asiatic lion.
  • There is no doubt that I find lion unique and interesting animal.
  • Lion has always been a part of the children stories which I used to read in my childhood in our ancient wisdom book, the Panchtantra.
  • However, I first saw it physically In the forest of Gir, when our school had arranged the exploration of Gir (the city of Gujarat ) and Girnar(the highest mountain in Gujarat region ).
  • Loins are formidable, fearsome creatures in general. But the Asiatic lions which are found in Gir are particularly spine chilling in appearance.
  • They have got enormous body with long frightening claws and razor blade canine teeth.
  • But the most peculiar feature of the lion is its roar which can incite utter fear in the most intrepid man of the world.
  • Lion are gigantic enormous creature does not mean they are bizarre and cruel.
  • They are also having feelings.
  • There is an anecdote that the tigers are more powerful than lions but still lions are considered the king and not the tigers because lions do not attack anyone unnecessarily. They would only attack when they are hungry or they find the danger in you.
  • This is not the case of tigers who are ready to attack anyone even they had satisfied themselves with enough food.
  • One peculiarity of the lion is they never attack humans unless they find them dangerous.
  • Really the lion deserves the tag of king of the animals and jungle.

Band 7+ vocabulary in above speaking sample:

Flora and fauna: Plants and animals.

Exploration: Travel which involves a slight danger.

Formidable: Frightening, terrifying.

Spine chilling: Terrifying.

Enormous: Huge, large.

Incite: Encourage.

Utter: Complete, absolute.

Intrepid: Brave.

Sample answer 2:                                     Band score value: 6.5

The sample answer below has been written by the candidate who got 6.5 bands in Ielts speaking. The words and sentences which are bold are the mistakes which have been corrected to convert it in 7 bands. Correction has been given at the end of the sample.

  • Animals are the wonderful creature in the world.
  • My country is home to a large variety of flora and fauna.
  • I have seen plethora of interesting animals in the zoo, around my house as well as on the internet.
  • Out of all, I find tiger interesting enough to talk about.
  • The fast and furious animal belongs to the cat family
  • It is the largest of all cats species.
  • It is an elegant and powerful animal known as the national animal of India.
  • It is most recognizable for its pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish orange fur.
  • It can grow up to 11 feet and can weigh about 300 kgs.
  • It generally live about 25 year.
  • It is basically a carnivores animal which mostly depends on the meat of other animals.
  • Most of the tigers are found in different parts of Asia like India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.
  • In my childhood, I went to a zoo and there I got a chance to see the tiger first time in front of me.
  • Then I became aware about many hidden facts about its qualities.
  • It is getting extinct so we should try our best to save it from extinction and maintain the Eco – system.
  • I find tiger very interesting due to the qualities of it.
  • First of all, I like this for its skin color. But the sad fact is that it is killed and its skin is smuggled in international market.
  • Secondly, it usually hunts alone unlike other animals that prey in group with their great leaping ability and strength.
  • Lastly, it has unique stripes pattern just like human fingerprints. The stripes are unique to each and every tiger.
  • Due to this reason tiger is my favorite animal.

Correction of the mistakes:

Cat family: It is actually a feline family in which the tigers, cats, leopards and cheetah belong.

It is most recognizable for:  It is recognized by.

It generally live about 25 year:  The most common mistake students make so often.

It generally lives (not live)

25 years (not year).

Band 7+ words used:

Carnivores: flesh eating animals.

Plethora : excessive amount of something.

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