Ielts speaking Part 1

As you know Ielts speaking has three sections or parts. Part 1, part 2 and part 3.Part 1 is the easiest of all which gives the candidate an opportunity to speak with confidence and impress the examiner.

What does ielts speaking part 1 consist?

There is a fix set or frame in Ielts speaking part 1 where examiner asks the candidates some 4 to 8 questions on different topics.These topics are of general interest.First the examiner collects information about the candidates by asking familiar questions about himself, study, work, family or hometown.After that the examiner will ask certain questions by choosing a topic. Here I have collected the list of 30 such topics which can be asked in exam.


  1. Introduction
  2. Home town
  3. Family
  4. Goal
  5. Leisure time activities

Click here for sample questions and answers for above 5.

           6. Friends and friendship

           7. Newspapers

           8. Tourism and travelling

           9. Game and sports

           10 Movies

Click here for sample questions and answers for above 5.


11. Buildings 

12. Entertainment

13. Names

14. Neighbors 


16. Laughing



19. Weekends 

20. Keeping in contact with people


22.Your country









How to prepare for ielts speaking part 1.

In Ielts exam a candidate can be asked anything. There is nothing like certain topics are more frequent than others. And suppose, we believe that certain topics are more frequent than others, the students who want to get higher band score should not rely on fewer speaking topics. You have to be prepared for as many topics as possible.

In all the parts the parameters on which the students are given band score are of great importance.We have already discussed the parameters. Click here for that.

Now, as far as the preparation is concerned I have given sample questions and answers for 30 topics mentioned above in different articles. you just have to go to the link.

Just follow below mentioned rules.

  • Remember these sample answers are not for cramming.
  • First see only questions and try to make answers yourself.
  • Then see the answers of them.
  • Search other websites too for more ideas. ieltsbuddy,ieltsadvantage and ieltsliz are good websites. 
  • Try to practice with your partner or a person who has good command over English.
  • Focus on your fluency

For your convenience, I have divided speaking part 1 in different articles which contain various topics and the questions and answers related to those topics. By reading these samples you will get fair idea how you can give response when you are asked the questions.

Remember to follow the rules of ielts speaking.