Topic 6 : Describe a writer you would like to meet.

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Describe a writer you would like to meet.

You should include. 

  • who the writer is?
  • what do you know about this writer already?
  • what would you like to find out about him/her?
  • and explain why you would like to meet this writer?

Describe a writer you would like to meet Sample answer 1 – Band value : 8


  • I personally believe that the writers and authors are the people who deserve respect and admiration from all because these are the people who are highly imaginative.
  • And with their imagination, they create fantastic characters, compelling novels, and fascinating stories for the enjoyment of the society.

Who the writer is

  • I read the books and novels of myriad writers but never thought of meeting any of them.
  • But recently, I have read one novel “songs of ice and fire”
  • This novel has left a lasting impression on me that I have immediately decided to meet the author.
  • The author of the novel is ‘George R. R. Martin’.

What do you know about this writer already?

  • I was so impressed of the writing of the author that almost immediately I started searching on the internet about the author.
  • He is a veteran writer who has been writing for almost 40 years. He started writing novels when he was only 16 years of age and he was able to sell his first few stories in the time when he was total novice.
  • By continuous efforts, he has become famous. Presently, he is one of the most prominent and widely read authors.
  • His most popular novel “songs of ice and fire” has been adapted into the television series “Game of Thrones.” Which broke all the records of previous series?

What would you like to find out about him/her?

  • Well, after reading the novel from this fantastic author I have gathered much information.
  • However, there is still lot of things to find out about him. Specifically personal things. I would like to know about his wife and children.
  • I would also like to find out from where he got the inspiration to become a writer.

And explain why you would like to meet this writer?

  • The reason to meet him is quite obvious as most of the fans have like ask him about his personal life.
  • But, more importantly, I would like to ask him how he got the idea of creating this novel. What does he do to get the ideas? What kind of books he read.
  • Lastly, I really appreciate his work. I would like to share my ideas with him too.
  • Really, it would be an honor if I get a chance to meet him.

Describe a writer you would like to meet Sample answer 1 – Band value : 7

To be an author or writer is not an easy task. It’s arduous to give words to your imagination in a way that readers would be engaged. The people who are able to do that are quite a genius according to me. This is the reason I consider meeting the writers is always fascinating.

I would like to meet Chetan Bhagat for his extraordinary story developing capability, especially love and mysterious stories.

Chetan Bhagat, a love teacher to his readers, was born in 1974.  He is skilled in composing stories in genres like Romance, realistic fiction, non-fiction and others.

Myriad love stories have been penned by this great author. His most famous novels include five point someone, half girlfriend and one night at the call center.

All of them have been adopted for movies and most have come up as blockbusters.

To me, Chetan Bhagat is one of the greatest writers of all times. He has also achieved some prestigious awards for his contribution to the Indian literature.

His father served as lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army. But his family had to experience hardship as his father had left the family with a trick. It is said that the love of one of his dearest friends, in his childhood, made him inspired to create his bright works. His interest to write romantic stories might have appeared from the reading of romantic comics in his early days.

I have been following Chetan Bhagat for very long time so I know almost everything about him but still I want to know few things which he has not reveled yet. I want to know that how he overcome the worse situations of his life.

I want to know that from where he had got the inspiration to be an author and why he decided to be an author because being an author requires a lot vigorous work and so many sacrifices.

It’s my great desire to meet him ones in my life because I have never seen person with such kind of intelligence so it would be a great moment when I will meet him.

IELTS Band 8 vocabulary for cue cards

NoviceSomeone who is new to the particular field.
VeteranA well experienced person
MyriadMany, plenty

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