Topic 16 : Describe a meeting you remember going to school, college or work.

IELTS speaking cue card topic 16

Describe a meeting you remember going to school, college or work

  • When and where was the meeting held?
  • Who was at the meeting?
  • What was the conversation?
  • And explain why you remember going to this meeting.

Sample answer.

  • The prevalence of meetings has escalated in recent time.
  • People attend more meetings nowadays than they used to in the past.
  • No one is spared attending the meetings.
  • As far as I am concerned meetings have always been boredom for me. Yet I have to attend the meetings for my work.
  • One such meeting which I had attended was the educational meeting which was held before two years at Ahmadabad.
  • The subject of the meeting was how to improve the classroom performance of the students.
  • The meeting was arranged in the finest hall which was furnished with good amenities such as luminous lightening, air conditioning and comfortable chairs.
  • More than 100 teachers, faculties and educationist have come to attend the meeting from different schools, colleges and institutions.
  • The speakers were highly qualified, competent and knowledgeable.
  • All of them have given useful knowledge on classroom performance.
  • There was a talk on different facet such as improving the students concentration, classroom activities. Students language skill and confidence building of the student.
  • Every topic was carefully explained by the speakers.
  • It was really a nice experience for a person like me who doesn’t take interest in meetings.
  • I learnt plenty of new strategies. However, the meeting was mainly remembered for the speech of the chief guest.
  • He has shown us very useful reasons of not building the confidence in students.
  • First time I came to know that if you have to build the confidence in the students you have to raise your confidence first.
  • You can never build the confidence of the student if you are not confident yourself.
  • He has quoted a dialogue from the famous movie –kungfu panda that a teacher should not try to convert the student. Rather he should try to make him what he wanted to become.
  • This quote has deeply impacted me.
  • Really it was an extraordinary experience of attending the meeting.

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