Topic 32:  Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine or online

Article on health

Topic 32:  Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine or online

  • What the article was?
  • When and where you read?
  • What you learned from the article?
  • And explain why you think it is a good or bad article

Sample answer 1                                           

Band value: 8.0


  • From ancient to modern times, Health has always been considered significant and people always worry about it.
  • We are ready to do anything in our control to get healthy and fit.
  • I am the kind of person who puts health as a top priority. For that I keep myself updated with the latest information available anywhere from newspapers, magazines, or on social media.

What the article was and when and where you read it?

  • I have come across this informative article on health on my favorite health and fitness blog which is operated by some very healthy and excited people.
  • The title of the article was ‘ How to take care of your heart”
  • Though the article was not written by a doctor it has impressed me with its keen research on the subject.

What you learned from the article?

  • By reading this article I, for the first time in my life came to know the miraculous machine (that is our heart) the god has given to us which put any high-tech machine in the shadow.
  • I learned about some really esoteric information about our heart which is only known to doctors or the person who works in the medical field.
  • I was little worried and shocked when I read that our heart feels vigorously bad when we sit comfortably on our couch. And on the other hand, it feels really good when we walk, run or swim.
  • Thus, I have learned a very good lesson that to keep your heart healthy you should be in a habit of doing any kind of exercise.
  • Apart from that, I learned that fast foods are the biggest enemy of our heart we have to avoid them as far as possible if we love our heart.

 And explain why you think it is a good or bad article

  • I really consider this article cool because it makes me aware of our very own vital organ for which we do not think much.
  • After reading the article, I feel I have been harassing my heart from the day I was born by not giving it proper care.
  • Really it was an eye-opening article for me.

Higher vocabulary

Ancient: Very old

Significant: Important

Miraculous: Amazing

Esoteric: The things which have been coded so that only a handful of people can understand, Confusing

Vigorously:  Forcefully, Strongly

Vital: Important

Harass:  Tease, Annoy

Sample answer 2 

Band value: 6.5


  • I believe that the habit of reading is one of the best qualities that a person can possess.
  • It is not only useful in getting knowledge about different topics but also alleviate (reduce)
  • For this reason, I try to read different articles from magazines, newspapers, and other possible resources.

What the article was and when and where you read it?

  • A couple of days ago, I came across an article which was based on health issues titled as ‘be healthy when you are aged’.
  • I read this article in one of the oldest and authentic magazine ‘National geographic.’

What you learned from the article?

  • It was really an eye-opening article. It included the reasons why nowadays, everyone is suffering from health issues regardless of age.
  • The article has mentioned some reasons for this problem.
  • Firstly, people have separated themselves from nature as well as the family. For example, in older times, children used to play in the garden and their grandparents play with them which would automatically give them exercise.
  • Nowadays, technology has replaced the scenario that most of the children, parents and even old age people are busy with their electronic gadgets.
  • Secondly, people have adopted a sedentary lifestyle again the reason is technology.
  • Apart from that, People have become addicted to fast food which has a copious amount of spices, oil, and condiments in it.
  • The oil and spices in fast food are really harmful to the heart. Fast food is the cause why so many people became prey to various heart diseases.
  • By reading this article I realized how bad my lifestyle was.

And, explain why you think it is a good or bad article

  • The article showed me the mirror of my lifestyle and how I would be prone to catch up with any heart-related diseases in the coming future.
  • I feel it was a very useful article for me.
  • It has made me aware of living a healthy lifestyle with a proper nutritious diet.                      

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