Topic 29: Describe a house/apartment that someone you know lives in.

Topic 29: Describe a house/apartment that someone you know lives in.

You should say:

  • Whose house/apartment this is?
  • Where the house/apartment is?
  • What it looks like inside?
  • And explain what you like or dislike about this person’s house/apartment?

Sample answer.

  • There is a saying in our culture that the house is the last destination one wants to reach.
  • Some people live in a modest house whereas; other fortunate people possess lavish
  • I am not an admirer of wasting money on futile things of house. Yet some houses are built in the way that it fascinates
  • My uncle’s house is one such one.
  • My uncle lives in a small town in Bansakantha district of Gujarat.
  • Last year I have an opportunity to see this wonderfully constructed house.
  • This house is a three story lavish bungalow with all the amenities money could buy.
  • The house is surrounded by a circular wall. Inside this wall is a beautiful garden with plenty of trees and exotic
  • But one would see the real beauty of the house after entering in it.
  • When you enter the main gate of the house you would realize that money is not wasted but meticulously spent on building a house which you can dream of.
  • Just opposite the entrance gate is a large hall where four expensive sofas are laid circularly with a round glass table in the center.
  • There are three bedrooms in a row on one side of the sofas whereas; kitchen falls on the other side with huge dining table.
  • On one wall an enormously large picture of Mahabharata war is hung.
  • Flooring is done with fine marbles. And one decorative chandelier which hangs from the roof increases the beauty of the house manifold.
  • Just beside the kitchen goes the stairs in a circular motion which takes you to the second and third floor where four other bedrooms are built.
  • Guest rooms are made on third floor.
  • One cannot believe that the house of such lavishness can be built in the small town also.

Band 7+ vocabulary

Fortunate: Lucky

Lavish: Luxurious

Fascinate: Attract strongly

Futile: not important

Amenities: Desirable facility

Exotic: Foreign, imported

Meticulously: Carefully

Enormous: Huge, large

Manifold: multiple

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