Band 7+ speaking tips

Band 7+ speaking tips for getting higher band score in IELTS.

This page is designed to discuss the tips for IELTS speaking. We will cover everything in detail which is required to get a 7 and higher band score.

We will cover How to get 7 and higher band score in IELTS speaking

But, before going ahead, Let me give you the idea why I have written 7 and higher band score and not the 8 and 9 band score which is written by most of the people.

There are two reasons for that.

In the first place, if you are able to get an overall band score of 7 with 7 in speaking then you can get admission in any of the University of any Country which in turn gets you a visa.

What does this mean? This means that even the exam body is considering that 7 band score is more than enough to prove your proficiency in English.

Secondly, to get 9 band score in speaking is tantamount to getting 100% marks. Now go back to your school time. You may have been told by your language teacher that in mathematics or science, getting 100 out of 100 is easy but in languages, it is a mammoth task.

So, the point is, the 9 band score in speaking is not impossible. But,  It requires a pro advanced level of English.

How to get 7 and higher band score in IELTS speaking

There can be different IELTS speaking tips by other websites or your teachers. As far as I am concerned, I have prepared these tips by working with my students. I have given them tips and they were able to get a higher band score.

These tips are for getting 9 band score in IELTS. But as I have told you earlier that you need to give enormous efforts to reach up to there. But one thing I can assure that these tips will definitely help you to get through with your desire band score.

  1. Aim high

The first thing always comes first. We cannot target the bird’s eye if we have not taken the measurement properly. Is it possible for scientists to launch a spacecraft without proper calculations?  No, never. Similarly without an aim in mind about the particular band score. There is the least possibility for you to get that. So, the very first thing you need to understand is deciding what band score you want to obtain in the speaking test. Your goal has to be set otherwise the work would not be completed.

Band 7+ speaking tips Tip: Always aim for a higher band score and prepare accordingly

  1. Be ready to give time

You see, IELTS speaking test is designed to evaluate how comfortable and relaxed we are while communicating in English. IELTS band score is given on the basis of originality, not on banality. You may have wondered about a friend who has not even prepared for 15 days and given IELTS exam and got 6.5 to 7 or even 8 band score.

You take it as a miracle. However, that friend of yours must have been in touch with English for quite a long time. He must have been reading books and magazines and at the same time watching plenty of movies, shows, and news channels in English which gave him natural fluency and knowledge.

If you too have the same level, you can get that band score otherwise you have to lift yourself to that level.

Band 7+ speaking tips : The only way to go higher in English is by giving time. Forget about getting a band score. Focus on improving your English. This can happen with continuous efforts and time.

  1. Never give short answers in IELTS speaking

IELTS speaking test is your opportunity to speak. The examiner wants to hear from you as much as possible. The short answer to any questions explicitly reveals that you are unable to add information which creates below average impression. Hence, it is vital to answer questions with extra information.

Band 7+ speaking Tips : try to answer the question with minimum three to four sentences.

  1. Work on your fluency

Fluency is the heart of your speaking ability. Some people confuse fluency with rapid speaking. If you are able to speak fast in speaking. That is o.k. but, it does not mean that you are fluent. Candidates who try to speak fast often make plenty of mistakes, in addition, to stumble in various situations.

Fluency is the ability of a speaker to speak without any hesitation in the most general situations.

Band 7+ speaking tip: try to keep yourself calm and composed. Do not worry If you make mistakes.

  1. Grammar is the key

Grammar accuracy is very much important for getting 6 band score. Always try to make minimum grammar mistakes but don’t compromise with fluency.

Keep in mind that if you are fluent and speak without hesitation your grammar should be perfect. Fluency is not possible without the proper knowledge of grammar.

  1. Be quick in response

This is also one of the most important factors. If you are good at comprehension you would be able to respond quickly to the questions which have been asked by the examiner. And at the same time, prepare your answer wisely.

  1. Advanced words at the tip of your tongue.

When the examiner is taking your speaking test. He would look whether you are able to use the advanced words because he possesses the idea that the candidate has to have the mastery on some of the advanced words which are frequently used by the authors of books, newspapers, and magazines.

You must have heard that higher education requires higher intelligence and your vocabulary level is one of the ways to find out your intelligence. That is why the 7 bands is needed for the students who are aiming for post-graduation or Ph.D. level. You can find tips and a list of some of the most important advanced core words from the following link.

You can find fantastic tips on building your vocabulary from my articles.

follow: band 7 vocabulary for  IELTS: core lists 

  1. linking words and conjunctions

Linking words and conjunctions are vital for getting 7 band score because it will give charm to your fluency. In addition, you will be able to categorize your sentences which is very important to get a higher band score.

  1. Categorizing the answer

Try to categorize the answers of the topic or questions which have been asked to you. Use different Conjunctions and linking words to categorize the sentence.

Below are examples how you can categorize your speaking.

Q-1:why do you like the particular restaurant (your favorite restaurant)

I like zyka restaurant in my home town because of several reasons.

In the first place, it is located in a serene, calm environment where no noise is heard.

Secondly, their hospitality is awesome.

In addition, the restaurant is clean and hygienic.

And lastly, the most important reason is their food which is so delicious and mouthwatering that you cannot resist eating it.

Q-2: Why do you think people go more to restaurants now than they used to?

Plenty of reasons can be attributed to people going to restaurants.

Firstly, to meet the heavy demands of monthly expenses both husband and wife are working thus women are not able to spend much time on cooking.

Secondly, variety of restaurants have opened in a recent decade which offers good hygienic food.

Furthermore, sometimes, people take eating out as a status symbol.   

10. Don’t worry about your accent.

It does not mean that you have to speak in an American or British accent. It means that you can speak with a natural tone without any hesitation. However, you only have to worry about this parameter when you are hoping to get 8 band score or higher in speaking.

So these are the parameters which the examiner is instructed to see in the candidates and on the basis of these they are given the band score. Try to master over each step as perfectly as you can.