Chapter 4 : Band 7+ Words to introduce yourself in IELTS speaking.

Every day we meet numerous people with different personality. We think about their personality and the word which define them.we want to introduce our selves effectively to them.we also want to find proper word for their personality. but,Sometime we don’t recall exact words to define, we use rather basic words.this happen in IELTS speaking interview also. so I have thought why not giving you some fascinating words for introduction. in this article,I am giving you 10 words which define the personality type of people.use these words to think the personality type of the people you know and introduce them effectively,convincingly and fascinatingly.

He is a person who likes to go out, meet other people, doesn’t worry about what people think about him. He is a heart of any party or social gathering. he is aboveboard, full of confidence.
Example: My uncle was having such an extrovert nature that he could start dancing in an open street

He always worries about what other people think about him. He never expresses himself. He may be a genius in his field yet lacking in confidence. He prefers solitude or company of one or two people. He is not quite good at making friends.
Example: Sara is so introvert she never goes to any party.

3 Ambivert:
most of the people are having this personality type. These people are sometime extrovert sometime introvert.
Example: I have an ambivert attitude. Sometime I feel confidence. Sometime I don’t.

he always looks, says and feels positive about people, things and situation. He is a very positive guy.
Example: My father is an extrovert and optimist person.

5.Down to earth:
he believes in practicality. He lives very simple life and believes in that too.
Example: Dr.APJ Abdul kalam was a down to earth person who never took lavish lifestyle.

gregarious persons are just like extrovert. they are sociable, enjoy meeting people and heart of the party
Example: Sanjay was an open, gregarious person who loved people.

7. Gourmet:
you may have seen in some TV programs that a guy wandering in different regions of India in search of tasty, delicious food. This person who is interested in eating and admirer of taste is gourmet.
Example: Gourmet people always like party.

The person who never gets tired. He works day and night yet, he never complains about having workload. He can stay up at night working till midnight and wakes up at early in the morning with freshness of flower.
Example: for many years, my grandfather has been an indefatigable campaigner of human rights.

if you are having skill. You may be called skillful person. We have got this advanced word for skillful person.
Example: he is Dexter at computer software.

some people can dance well; others can sing well, some others can be good at study. Here, we have this person who is good at plenty of things. He can dance, sing, write. He is good at study and at the same time he can play sports too.
Example: Farhan akhtar is a versatile personality.

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