Topic 1 : Describe the country you like the most:

The sample answer below is an example which has been developed by keeping 7 band  score or higher in mind

Anyone can get 7 band score in the speaking test Provided they keep on following the steps mention below.

  • This sample answer has been written to give you ideas. It is not for cramming.
  • Don’t cram this sample. Try to get the ideas.
  • Try to practice the words which have been applied here daily, otherwise you would not speak them perfectly.
  • Read sample answers from other authentic,reliable and informative websites.
  • gather information regarding the topic.
  • Make your own answer by reading different sample topics.

Topic 1 : Describe the country you like the most:

You should include

  • Which country is it?
  • What is so special about it?
  • Why do you like that country?

Sample answer:

I belong to India. So it is obvious that I like my country more than any other country in the world.

I can enlist plenty of reason why I like my country.

In the first place, my country is famous for its diversity which consist a mixture of so many different religions and cultures. Yet it believes in unity.

One can see how people from various cultural and social background, people with different language and belief live together in peace.

It is a secular country which considers every human equal.

Secondly, In my country there are numerous places with strong cultural and historical background. Such as Tajmahal, Somnath temple, caves of Ajanta and Ellora

In ancient times it was considered the golden bird because of the richness and prosperity.

In the present era, it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Many great human being were born in my country such as mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, swami vivekanand, Ramanuj who have shown world a better way to live and think.

In addition to that, my country is flourished with rich flora and fauna.

Village life of my country is serene and simple

The people of my country are filled with humanity, compassion and love for everyone.

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