Topic 21 : Describe an interesting historic place.

Ielts speaking cue cards sample answer

Topic 21 : Describe an interesting historic place.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • where it is located
  • what you can see there now
  • And explain why this place is interesting.

Sample answer 

  • It is a saying that knowing about history prepares you for the future.
  • I have heard this from my grandfather.
  • My grandfather used to take me with him for visiting different places.
  • And by this I have become interested in visiting different places.
  • With him I have seen so many historical places such as Tajmahal, one of the seven wonder, famous “Hava Mahal” in jaipur, fateh gadh place’ in Udaipur and ‘Ranki Vav’ in Patan.
  • Among these wonderful places I like, Ranki Vav, the most.
  • I have visited this place several times.yet, I did not get bored. on the contrary, I have become more and more intrigued by the work of architecture devoted to it.
  • ‘Ranki vav’ is in the patan -a city of Gujarat which is itself a historical city.
  • ‘Ranki vav’ is basically a step well which was built by the queen of patan in 11th century in the memory of her husband. 
  • As it is built by the queen it was given a name Ranki vav-
  • ‘Ranki’ means queen and ‘vav’ means step well.

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  • The step well is an amalgamation of architectural design, ancient wisdom and devotion to Hindu culture.
  • The steps start with the ground level going down in to the well where water is collected.
  • This is surrounded by pavilions by which one can see the scenery and view of it.
  • It consists of more than 800 mythological sculpture.
  • These sculptures mainly depict the Indian god named ‘Vishnu’ and his different reincarnation .
  • It has also got some sculpture of ‘Apsara’ – a divine beauty in Hindu culture.
  • These sculptures show the makeup of ‘Afsara’ in 16 different styles by the Apsara who is the ultimate beauty in Indian culture.
  • In older times there used to be the scarcity of water. In such situation  this sort of step wells were the modal of collecting water. However, ‘The Ranki vav’ is not merely the example well for collecting water. It is actually a symbol of worship to the culture of Hindu together with great architectural design.
  • This is the reason why this step well  has been added to UNESCO’s world heritage site.  

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