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You are all welcomed and invited here for learning IELTS with unique, ingenious and practical method. I have tried here on this website to provide everything which is useful for the students to get their desired band score.

You must be wondering,

  • What is IELTS exactly?
  • How is it conducted?

And, how can you get the required band score?

You may be having plenty of questions. All the questions you may possess could be solved here.

Everything, from simple understanding of IELTS to getting the required band score, have been divided and written here in different pages and articles. You just have to follow different links.

To start with, the basic and fundamental information is required about IELTS exam.

You can have all the information about IELTS exam from our IELTS an overview page.

Click here for the same.

Any student who starts his preparation should know where exactly he stands. For that evaluation is required.

Our evaluation section gives the students proper guidance on how to appear for IELTS exam. The students are evaluated on each module of IELTS. In addition, they are also evaluated on vocabulary and grammar.

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Students have so many questions and doubts which confuse them. Our FAQS section takes care of all the questions, doubts and quarries you may possess.

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After completing theses three steps the students require tips and strategies to clear IELTS exam.

IELTS is a tactical exam in which you have to work smartly. We have made a guidance section in which you would find practical tips on improving IELTS in each module.

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Then we come to module wise preparation. IELTS exam has four modules viz, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Each module has been allotted separate page for improvement, tips and their sections.

The most difficult module is Reading. I have written two basic articles for the improvement of reading. Click here to read them. Rest of the articles would be provided soon.

Next as per the difficulty level is writing. You can get all the information for IELTS writing from all about IELTS writing. Then, there is a page for writing tips. Click here for the same. To get higher band score in IELTS writing, you ought to use higher linking words and conjunctions.  A separate page has been devoted for that.  Click here to go to linking words and conjunctions page.

Similarly, speaking has also been divided into different pages.  You can get information on speaking from all about speaking page. Next is the band 7 score tips for speaking. Click here for that.

There are three parts of IELTS speaking test. Part 1, 2 and 3 we have allocated separate pages for each section.

Click here for speaking part 1

Click here for speaking part 2 or cue cards

Click here for speaking part 3.

No one can reach to the desired band score without improving vocabulary. Power of words is vital for getting band score in each module. We understand this. This is the reason we have made two separate pages for vocabulary development. In IELTS.

First is IELTS band 7+ vocabulary core list. Here, you will find words list which are significant for reading, witting and speaking. They are also useful in listening.

Click here to go to the page.

Second one is IELTS vocabulary builder page.  IELTS vocabulary builder is a book which has been written specifically for advanced level students.

You will find everything from the basic understanding of how to use the book to the most advanced vocabulary tips and words.

Click here to read the book.

If you want to learn everything category wise. You can find different categories at the bottom of the page. Just beside it you will find our recent post section. You can also take benefit of that.

Again, I would like to congratulate that you have selected this website for your improvement.

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