Most frequently asked questions about IELTS

Most frequently asked questions about IELTS.

Students,who are willing to give ielts, have plenty of questions in their mind about IELTS in general and its sections in particular. these questions are called frequently asked might be having few.In this article,I have tried to cover some of the most frequently asked questions about IELTS exam.

So here we go.

1.Who conducts ielts exam?

IELTS exam is conducted by British council, IDP Australia and Cambridge assessment English.

2.Is IELTS test more difficult than other English tests?

It depends on how you take the test. The ielts test is definitely difficult for those who think they could crack it by cramming some words and structure and merely giving the tests. Ielts is one of the most practical English test which evaluates the student’s ability on the basis of their practical English knowledge.If you are fair in English competency and are ready to put sincere efforts you would enjoy the test and get the required bands as well.

3.Can someone choose the module as per his wish?

Not necessarily, academic module is taken by the students to study at degree level whereas you can take general module for diploma level and immigration purpose.

4.Is it true that one can take the ielts test a total of 3 times?

Not true. You can now take the ielts test as many time as you wish to. But it is advisable that you prepare for some time preferably for three months before giving the test.

5.How many months preparation is required to get the desired bands?

It solely depends on the English level you possess presently.You have to check yourself with all the tests first. But generally preparation of three to six months is preferable.

6.Can we get a better score at certain IELTS centers than other?

A definite myth. Ielts is taking meticulous care to ensure the standard of the exam throughout the world. It sometimes happens that few students have got a band score and then rumors are being spread but that’s not authentic at all.

7.Do we have to give as many tests as possible to get a good score in ielts?

A serious misconception, ielts evaluates the ability of the candidates on the basis of their originality in producing English language in different occasion which is not possible without the exposure to extensive reading of different books, newspapers and magazines. By merely giving tests, you cannot achieve the required bands. You would stuck at certain band score which is not sufficient to get the admission then you bewilder why I am not improving in the score. Plenty of other techniques are required to get the best result.

8.Is there any time limit for the band score of ielts?

When you receive your ielts test result. You could use it for about two years provided, you can prove that you have maintained your English level.

9.Do I have a right to have rechecked my ielts band score?

Certainly, you can definitely have your question papers of ielts reevaluated. However, it costs you extra money. And the latest score would be taken into consideration even if it is lower than your previous score.

10.Can I take my question paper with me?

No. ielts does not allow the students to take question paper with them. You may write on the question paper. But, you can not take them with you. All the answers must be written in the answer sheet provided.