Topic 2 : Describe your Favorite dish.

Describe your favourite dish : IELTS Cue card topic

Topic 2: Describe your Favorite dish.

You should include.

  • What dish is it?
  • How often do you have it?
  • Who prepares it?
  • Explain why do you like it so much?

Sample answer 1        Band value: 8            


There are copious amount of dishes in the world which attract gourmet people. In my culture, it is believed that the food which you eat describes who you are.

India is a diverse country and in my country food and dishes are also diverse and rich. Here every house is unique as far as foods and dishes are concerned.

What dish is it? And who prepares it?

I like all the varieties of dishes made in India from the famous ‘Dal Tadka of Punjab to the mouth-watering curries of Gujarat.

In addition, I also like exotic food such as Chinese, and pizzas.

However, one dish which is closed to my heart is ‘Dal Bati’ prepared by my mom.

Actually, I like all the varieties she prepares. She knows and makes all the varieties of dishes perfectly delicious. But, this dish can be considered the epitome of the culinary skill of her.

How often do you have it?

It is actually a traditional dish in the area where I come from.

The dish is frequently made on all almost all occasions and whenever it is prepared I never miss a chance to enjoy it.

It generally consists of two main items first of which is ‘dal’

‘Dal’ is basically a curry which is made by mixing different pulses. Pulses are the staple food of India.

Generally, it is spicy because plenty of spices and condiments are added to it. It is rich in oil too.

The second one is ‘Bati’ which is a local term for chapatti. But this ‘bati’ is different from flat chapatti. It is in the rounded bulk form.

Explain why do you like it so much?

This dish is much famous in my region not only for its yummy taste but also for its healthiness.

Though it is true that it’s made with lots of condiments, it is also rich in protein.

Moreover, it is served with ‘ghee’ – a traditional Indian product made up of butter rich in lipid or fat.

Thus, it fulfills the requirement of protein, carbohydrate, and fat.

All in all, it is a combination of taste and health.

It is really enjoyable to have this dish at your lunch or dinner.

Band 8+ words in the sample

Copious: Abundant

Gourmet: Foodie, the person who like and enjoy the food

Exotic: Foreign

Epitome: Benchmark

Culinary: Related to cooking

Sample answer 2          Band value 7

India is the country which is known for its wide range of diversity in food. And I am a connoisseur of food. I have been having the love of enjoying different and tasty food from my early age.

Though, I like  both traditional and exotic food,  my preference is more for  traditional food especially Pav-Bhaji which is very close to my heart and which is my most common choice whenever I decide to have meal on special days at home or at restaurant.

Pav-Bhaji is originated in the city of Mumbai and then it spread over the other parts of India and I remember that day when I came to know about it from my uncle when I was in Mumbai and I had tried it for first time, I could never forget that test and still I feel that same test whenever I eat this day.

This is the dish in which all types of green vegetables are mixed and cursed well and cooked with typical Indian spices which is very rich in nutritious. This dish is normally eaten in winter season when each and every type of vegetables are available and most Indians love with this dish and I am one of them.

This dish is served with pav- a soft buttery buns and cheese is added on Bhaji which embellish the deliciousness of the dish. I love every dish my mom prepares but usually I tell her to make this dish ones or twice in a month because it is not possible to prepare it instantly.

The reasons behind my strong liking towards it, is the taste of this dish together with nutritious value of it. I can enjoy the taste and do not need to worry about unhealthiness and it can be taken in lunch and dinner as well.

This is very delicious dish to have at any time, so this is one of my favorite dishes ever.

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