Topic 2 : Describe your Favorite dish.

Topic 2 : Describe your Favorite dish.

You should include.

  • What dish is it?
  • How often do you have it?
  • Who prepares it?
  • Explain why do you like it so much?

Sample answer:                               

Band value: 8.0 

There are a copious amount of dishes in the world which attract gourmet people. In my culture, it is believed that the food which you eat describes who you are.

India is a diverse country and in my country food and dishes are also diverse and rich. Even it changes from house to house.

I like all the varieties of dishes made in India from the famous ‘Dal Tadka of Punjab to the mouth-watering curries of Gujarat.

In addition, I also like exotic food such as Chinese, and pizzas.

However, one dish which is closed to my heart is ‘Dal Bati’ prepared by my mom.

Actually, I like all the varieties she prepares. She knows and makes all the varieties of dishes perfectly delicious. But, this dish can be considered the epitome of the culinary skill of her.

It is actually a traditional dish in the area where I come from.

The dish is frequently made on all almost all occasions and whenever it is prepared I never miss a chance to enjoy it. 

It generally consists of two main items first of which is ‘dal’

‘Dal’ is basically a curry which is made by mixing different pulses. Pulses are the staple food of India.

Generally, it is spicy because plenty of spices and condiments are added to it. It is rich in oil too.

The second one is ‘Bati’ which is a local term for chapatti. But this ‘bati’ is different from flat is in the rounded bulk form.

This dish is much famous in my region not only for its yummy taste but also for its healthiness.

Though it is true that it’s made with lots of condiments, it is also rich in protein.

Moreover, it is served with ‘ghee’ – a traditional Indian product made up of butter rich in lipid or fat.

Thus, it fulfills the requirement of protein, carbohydrate, and fat.

All in all, it is a combination of taste and health.

It is really enjoyable to have this dish at your lunch or dinner.


Band 8+ words in the sample

Copious: Abundant 

Gourmet: Foodie, the person who like and enjoy the food 

Exotic: Foreign 

Epitome: Benchmark 

Culinary: Related to cooking 


Part 3 or follow-up questions for “describe your favorite dish.” 

What type of food do people mostly eat in your country?

Do people in your country like exotic food?

Can you compare the food of your country with some other country?

Is it healthy or not healthy?

Has the food habit of people changed recently?

What do you think are the causes and outcomes of it?

Do you think it would change in the future too?

Why fast food is so much popular?

Why do you think some people especially children do not like homemade food?

Can you suggest some ways to avert them from fast food and restaurants?

What is the role of technology in making food?

Do you like to eat food at home or in restaurants?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating food at home?

What about the advantages and disadvantages of eating food outside?

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