Topic 3 : Describe the person you admire the most.

Topic 3: Describe the person you admire the most.

  • Who is this person?
  • How do you know him?
  • What qualities he has?
  • And explain why do you admire him? 

Every person in the world admires someone.

The person, whom we admire are generally higher than us either in age, education or character.

These people are the prime source of inspiration for us.

By and large, People have got respect, sometimes adulation for celebrities such as actors, cricketers or politicians.

Well, my parameters are somewhat different for an admired person.

I have come across so many good people in my life.

However, if you ask me about the person whom I admired the most, I would tell you without a second thought that, the person is my grandfather.

He is 60 now but he doesn’t look like. He is stout physically, astute mentally, and compassionate socially.

He is a successful businessman. He has started his small garment shop before 40 years which has now turned into a giant textile company.

He is a kind of a workaholic person. He has worked so hard all his life to earn a fortune for our family that once the family which was almost in penury has become wealthy, happy and respected in our town.

Even he works round the clock till date. He is indefatigable.He never gets tired.

I have always got abundant love and warmth from him. People frequently tell me that I have his face, body and character.

He used to take me to our farm when I was young.

He would (used to) also tell me inspirational stories from ancient Hindu mythology.

He himself is the follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He is also a keen reader of different books.

He used to emphasize on reading good books.

He has got a compassionate nature for all of the people in society. He always gets ready to help anyone he comes across.

Lastly, I can say that he is the true inspiration for all my family.

Band 8 vocabulary 

Adulation : Expreme praise

Stout : Strong

Astute : Sharp minded

Compassionate : Kind

Penury : Extreme poverty


Sample answer 2 

We all have our favorite personalities whom we respect and love from the bottom of our heart. Some of them are our friends, others are family members. Sometimes we also like celebrities or successful persons.

Interestingly, I have a list of my favorite personalities from different arenas whom I follow on social networking platforms and I admire them for their skills, contributions, philanthropic activities or struggle to get success stories.

One such famous person whom I greatly admire is Amitabh Bachchan, one of my favorite celebrities whom I have been following since my early childhood and I scarcely miss any single movie of him.

I have much admiration for him for myriad reasons.

Firstly, for his extraordinary talent and polite attitude towards every person. He is an inspiration of today’s Bollywood actors and this thing makes him greatest of all time.

Secondly his tenacious dedication. When I had read about his earlier life then I came to know that how much vigorous hard work he did to obtain this stage.

He became famous by the movie named Saat Hindustani (Seven Indians) which was his first film in which he did the great acting and from that he paved his life towards the success.

Day by day his name became very common on every mouth. But unfortunately, his star power started declining because of some flop movies. This gave him a life lesson that was his mistake when he took everything as granted. But then he made his life stable and got the popularity back in very short time and that’s why I like his style too much.

He is famous among the people because of his heart touching acting which impressed the Indians as well as so many foreign actors and this quality attracts the people towards him.

Lastly, his encouraging nature because he tries to keep every person with him and never try to show others they are not below the level so he never promotes discrimination and that’s why he is one of the most favorite person in my country.

I have never seen a person with such type of qualities and this makes me fond of him and I have great desire to meet him ones in my life and would like to tell him that I am biggest fan of him and I have been dreaming to meet him.

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