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Speaking part 3 : Describe your favorite dish.

IELTS speaking Part 3 follow up questions.

If you have been asked “Describe your favorite dish in part 2 of speaking test then part 3 questions could be like the following.

Do you like to eat food at home or in restaurants?

Well, generally, I would love to prepare and enjoy most of the dishes at my home. However, sometime, I go to different sorts of restaurants to enjoy the taste of them as well.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating food at home?

According to me, there is no alternative of homemade food. I will not see any disadvantages of eating at home except that you have to put some efforts and time to prepare it.

As far as advantages are concerned, there are plenty. First, it gives us fitness and health. They are made with more care by paying special attention in selecting vegetables, spices and other ingredients as compared to hotel foods.

Moreover, when the food is made at home the factors such as hygiene and cleanliness are given utmost priorities.

Third, the person, for example our mom, or wife or sister, who made food merges her emotions, feelings and love with it. This escalates the taste of the food to manifold.

What about the advantages and disadvantages of eating food outside?

There are plenty of disadvantages with only bleak of advantages. There are one or two advantages of eating food outside. However when we compared them to disadvantages the latter surely outweighs the former.

People do like the taste of food of restaurants. However, they are made with excessive oil and spices which have detrimental effect on the body. There is no assurance that the food which is offered in hotels and restaurants are cooked with proper hygiene.

As far as the advantages are concerned. It titillates our tongue. the food  seems good for eyes and mouth with extra spices and oil. Moreover, we can save the time. In today’s fast moving life where people are busy than ever the restaurants food in particular fast food is the only alternative for us.

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