Speaking part 3 : Describe your favorite dish.

IELTS speaking Part 3 or follow up questions.

Cue card : Describe your favorite dish. Click here for sample answer. 

Follow up questions 

  • What type of food do people mostly eat in your country?

As India is a diverse country, there are abundance of food variety is available. People mostly like home made food which comprises of chapatti, curry and pulses. In some parts, rice is the staple food. In my country there is a wide variety of dishes and curries made from vegetables by adding plenty of spices. Apart from that, we have wide variety of sweets which is normally made from milk and ghee(clarified butter).

Recently, the trend of going out has also increased where people enjoy food served in street stalls and restaurants.

  • Do people in your country like exotic food too?

Yes, people in India have a very special liking for exotic food. Chinese and Italian food is the most preferable. Pizza and noodles are also eaten widely in my country. People also like the delicacies form America like American burger and continental food is very much liked by people here in India.

  • Can you compare the food of your country with some other country?

I don’t think I am eligible for comparing as I have not tasted the food from many countries. But I believe all the countries have their special variety of foods. If I talk about the food in my country, it’s normally spicy because it contains variety of condiments, chili and spices. I have tasted Chinese food which does not have much spiciness.

As far as health is concerned, the food in India is a combination of taste and health.

  • Is it healthy or not healthy?

The food in my country is really healthy. The usual food in every home possesses a chapatti, an Indian bread made from wheat which is a good source of carbohydrates, pulses for protein and ghee or butter for lipid. It also contains salads and butter milk which induces proper digestion. .

This kind of meal contains all the essential nutrients which fulfill nutritional requirement of the body.

  • Has the food habit of people changed recently?

Certainly, the food habit has changed drastically. We can see so many food items from foreign which have been added recently which was not eaten in the past. Some Chinese food items, pizzas, and pastas are the kind of foods our last generation has never heard of.

  • What do you think are the causes and outcomes of it?

Globalization is one cause. Because of the globalization the world has become smaller and getting smaller day by day so we can have food from many courtiers. Second one may be the lifestyle of people, presently; most of the married couple is working so they do not get time to prepare food at home. Thus they have started eating out.

It has positive as well as negative outcomes. On the positive side, people nowadays have so many options for eating. The time has long past when people used to have only one or two Indian food available at the street. Nowadays, they can enjoy vast variety of Indian and exotic food. On the negative side, we can say the health has totally gone. Now people only like mouthwatering food which gives taste to their tongue.

  • Do you think it would change in the future too?

Definitely, as the world is becoming smaller day by day with the advancement of technology. I think exotic food or even the foods from the most distance place would come here. On the other hand, our food would travel to the far distance place.

  • Why fast food is so much popular?

As I have told you, people nowadays are only concerned for their taste. They do not care for the health. And fast food fulfills their desire. That may be the first reason. Moreover, as the name suggests it is readily made and people nowadays have hectic schedule. So they just go and grab it.

  • Why do you think, some people, especially children do not like home made food?

It’s not all children hate homemade food. But yes, majority of them do not like home made food because in their age, they like the food which is tasty, spicy and with lot of oil. At home, mothers are more concerned with the health and make food with less oil and spices. Children obvious get less fascinated with this kind of food.

  • Can you suggest some ways to avert them from fast food and restaurants?

To encourage children to eat more homemade food it should be made in a way that it looks tasty and spicy to the child. Of course, we pay attention for the healthy food but, Creativity should be applied to make food which is a combination of health and taste.

  • What is the role of technology in making food?

Technological advancements plays significant role in any field and food making is no exception. Thanks to latest technology we can now have powerful deep freezer which can store food for longer days. Moreover, we have the availability of finest tools and machines for chopping, cutting and grinding of vegetables.

Do you like to eat food at home or in restaurants?

Well, generally, I would love to prepare and enjoy most of the dishes at my home. However, sometime, I go to different sorts of restaurants to enjoy the taste of them as well.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating food at home?

According to me, there is no alternative of homemade food. I will not see any disadvantages of eating at home except that you have to put some efforts and time to prepare it.

As far as advantages are concerned, there are plenty. First, it gives us fitness and health. They are made with more care by paying special attention in selecting vegetables, spices and other ingredients as compared to hotel foods.

Moreover, when the food is made at home the factors such as hygiene and cleanliness are given utmost priorities.

Third, the person, for example our mom, or wife or sister, who made food merges her emotions, feelings and love with it. This escalates the taste of the food to manifold.

What about the advantages and disadvantages of eating food outside?

There are plenty of disadvantages with only bleak of advantages. There are one or two advantages of eating food outside. However when we compared them to disadvantages the latter surely outweighs the former.

People do like the taste of food of restaurants. However, they are made with excessive oil and spices which have detrimental effect on the body. There is no assurance that the food which is offered in hotels and restaurants are cooked with proper hygiene.

As far as the advantages are concerned. It titillates our tongue. The food  seems good for eyes and mouth with extra spices and oil. Moreover, we can save the time. In today’s fast moving life where people are busy than ever the restaurants food in particular fast food is the only alternative for us.