Topic 9 : Describe an idea you have had for improving something at school,college or work.

Describe an idea you have had for improving something at school, college or work.

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  • The first sample answer is written by expert IELTS faculty and the second one is written by a student who got 6.5 bands in IELTS
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Describe an idea you have had for improving something at school, college  or work.

You should include: 

  • When and where had you had the idea ?
  • what the idea was ?
  • Who you told about your idea ?
  • and explain why you think that your idea made a difference ?

Sample Answer 1

Band value :7.5


  • We all have the capacity to improve our surrounding whether it is college, school, work place or society.
  • We all must have heard the famous quote, in an advertisement of Idea Sim card, that an idea can change your life.
  • It’s important we share our idea irrespective of how futile it is.

When and where had you had the idea?

  • I can tell you very modestly that once I also had had an idea.
  •  It was a time when I was studying in my college.
  • The idea which I shared had definitely made an impact on people if not made a huge difference.

What the idea was?

  • In my college, when we were studying there was a system of conducting lectures in the afternoons and practicals in the morning.
  • When I took admission I found very difficult to attend the lectures in the afternoon. The reason, of course, was my laziness.
  • Hence, I thought it could be much beneficial for me if the lectures were conducted in the morning.

 Who you told about your idea?

  • Initially, it was totally selfish to try to have converted the lectures in the morning and practicals in the afternoon.
  • However, when I asked some students they were feeling just like me.
  • Together, we decided to talk to the dean of our college.
  • But, one person had suggested having a conversation and guidance from one of our professor who was amenable to us.
  • At first he thought the idea was weird. He also advised us that if we ask this to principal he would consider all of us some lazy alligators who don’t want to study.
  • But, by giving it some consideration he didn’t just assure us but even convinced the principal to alter the timing.

And explain why you think that your idea made a difference?

  • Initially I thought it was an absurd idea to have altered the timings of lectures and practicals.
  • Though our dean and all professors had given their consent, I had a strange feeling I had convinced them all for my sole benefits.
  • But when the students attended the lectures in the morning it proved more productive. They could sit and listen to the lectures attentively in the morning.
  • Even for the professors also it was really a good experience to conduct lectures with fresh mood in the morning.
  • Everyone – students, professors even dean appreciated me for doing this.
  • I think we should share our ideas to others even if we think that idea has little significance.

Sample Answer 2

Myriad time’s people have the greatest ideas which can change the fate of humanity. I am not that great. I am just a student and have never been to any workplace. So my ideas for the improvements are confined to the study or sport in which I am interested much.

Today, I would like to share about one such idea which I thought would bring some good changes to my sport club where I have been taking my cricket coaching.

It is a large sport club with more than one thousand players from different sport and not all of them are equally talented and focused on their game. When I joined I felt many players have been suffering because of a lack of guidance for long time.

To improve their game the authority should have hired an experienced couch which they did not.

If the club authority arranges to hire promising and talented coach who has  the capability to manage every sector efficiently and assist the players in learning game in better way, that would be a great aid for all the players who often struggle to understand the game strategy but do not ask questions to anyone.

First, I talked to my teammates about that idea but they did not have strength to tell this to authorities. Then I suggested this to the members. Finally I had to raise this topic to the managing director of the club.

He did not heed initially but after some contemplation he assured me to have implemented the idea.

From my experience at the club for initial few days, I can say that only one-third of the whole members in a club could catch and understand the tips and tricks delivered by the old coaches.

The explanation of the old coaches was clumsy and awkward to the players. Furthermore, they were unfriendly and sometimes rude to the students. So most of the students avoid asking questions. An experienced and amicable coach would surely make a huge difference.

Authority was thinking about the budget but when they hired a good coach they came to know that the performance of the students has improved.

We should surely think about the budget but should not compromise on quality.  A competent person itself is a dividend. The overall game quality improved and the results of the sport academy had also improved after the better coach has been hired. .

All the credit goes to our new coach. I was happy and appreciated by all for sharing this idea to them.

Band 7 + vocabulary

Futile: unimportant

Amenable: friendly

Weird: absurd

Alter: change

Absurd: weird

Consent: agreement

Myriad: many, plenty

Fate: future

Heed: pay attention

Contemplation: thinking

Confined: restricted

Clumsy: awkward

Amicable: friendly


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