Topic 9 : Describe an idea you have had for improving something at school,college or work.

Describe an idea you have had for improving something at school,college  or work.

You should include: 

  • When and where had you had the idea ?
  • what the idea was ?
  • Who you told about your idea ?
  • and explain why you think that your idea made a difference ?

Sample Answer. 

  • We all have the capacity to improve our surrounding whether it is college, school, work place or society.
  • I have seen one quote somewhere that an idea can change your life.
  • I can tell you very modestly that once I also had had an idea when I was studying in my college which had definitely made an impact on people if not made a huge difference.
  • In my college, when we were studying there was a system of conducting lectures in afternoon and practicals in the morning.
  • When I took admission I found very difficult to attend the lectures in the afternoon. The reason, of course, was my laziness.
  • Hence, I thought it could be much beneficial for me if the lectures are conducted in morning.
  • Initially, it was totally selfish to try to convert the lectures in the morning and practicals in the afternoon.
  • However, when I asked some students they were feeling just like me.
  • Together, we decided to talk to the dean of our college.
  • But, one person had suggested to have a conversation and guidance from one of our professor who was amenable to us.
  • At first he thought the idea was weird. He also advised us that if we ask this to principal he would consider all of us some lazy alligators who don’t want to study.
  • But, by giving it some consideration he didn’t just assure us but even convinced the principal to alter the timing.
  • I still think that it was an absurd idea but when students attended the lectures in the morning it proved more productive.
  • Everyone – students, professors even dean appreciated me for doing this. Because it was good for them,too,to deliver the lecture in fresh mood in the morning.


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