Topic 10 : Describe a piece of electronic equipment which you find useful.

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  • The article contains two sample answers for Describe a piece of electronic equipment which you find useful.
  • The first sample answer is written by expert IELTS faculty and the second one is written by a student who got 6.5 bands in IELTS
  • Band 8 words related and used in this cue card.

Describe a piece of electronic equipment which you find useful.

You should include.

  • What is it?
  • Why did you buy it?
  • How did find it useful?
  • And explain how do you feel after using it?

Sample answer 1 : Band value : 8 


  • Due to the advancement of technology, prevalence of electronic equipments has heightened beyond anyone’s imagination.
  • We are surrounded by abundant Electronic equipments and gadgets.
  • No one can deny the significance of these equipments in our life.

What is it?

  • One such equipment which I find handy is a vacuum cleaner.
  • I consider it one of the most innovative inventions of science which gives far better convenience and comfort than traditional way of cleaning homes and offices.

Why did you buy it?

  • Before buying the vacuum cleaner, we used to sweep and clean our home with broomsticks.
  • It is obvious that as we grow older plenty of health challenges knock our door.
  • We never thought of buying it until we have found that my mother has a serious problem of arthritis.
  • Due to this condition it is painful for her to get to each and every corner of the house and clean it.
  • We bought it to give my mom some comfort in cleaning the home.

How long have you had it?

  • We have this amazing machine for two years to clean things up.

And explain why you find this electronic equipment useful?

  • The day we bought vacuum cleaner. Everything has changed.
  • We found it handy in numerous ways.
  • In the first place, it is so easy and convenient to work with it sometime we thought we have wasted too much time with broomsticks. The use of it is very easy. My mom can do the cleaning very comfortably and easily. Even when no one is at home I also try my hands on it.
  • Secondly, it is great for the people who are allergic to dust because at the time of using, it protects dust from spreading over.
  • I started telling my neighbors, friends even to my colleagues to buy one.
  • Really it is a boon for us. Million thanks to the inventor of this wonderful creation.

Band 8 words used in this cue card

Prevalence: Wide spread

Heighten: increase

Abundant: plenty

Significance : importance

Handy : useful

Sample answer 2

In this modern time, it is almost impossible for anyone to do any work without a laptop especially people like me who works and study together.

So, just before two months I have bought a Mac Book pro Series Laptop.

Before that, I had a laptop but that was not so adequate for my task and it was really arduous to perform any task instantly and smoothly. And that was the only reason why I needed to buy a new laptop for me.

I have been using this new laptop for around one and a half months.

As far as the handiness of this laptop is concerned, I find it useful in numerous ways.

In the first place, it is light weighted so I could carry the laptop to my classes for presentations which makes my work easier.

The operating system is latest and updated with best graphics card namely Nvidia 7000 which gives me cut edge experience while using it.

Secondly, the laptop screen does not irritate eyes so I can use it constantly for hours. In addition, the backlit keyboard helps to work in lower lighting condition.

So, I can work even in darker mood with no chances for any mistakes while working in a darker room. Previously, I was not much familiar with the backlit keyboard and now it seems very interesting especially in night.

In addition, the touch display is made with Corning Gorilla Glass which gives me very smooth experience of touch screen and it has made it stronger than other brand’s laptop which comes in this price range. The large display is another boon for me.

Earlier, I used a desktop which had a 14-inch LED screen. So, everything appeared very smaller in size and shape even some times I had to zoom everything when it seems blurring. And frequent use of that pc was very irritating for me.

Honestly speaking, I am very thankful of myself that I had decided to buy this laptop because this made my life very easy as compared to previous time. When I used to carry heavy and very irritating laptop.

After using the best feature of this laptop I am very glade. And I hope that, this would help me for long time so I don’t think that in future I need to invest much for new laptop until 5 to 6 years.


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