Topic 11 : Describe a party you enjoyed.

Describe a party you enjoyed.

You should include

  • Whose party was it?
  • Why has it been celebrated?
  • Who attended the party?
  • And explain what did you enjoy In the party ?

Sample answer :

  • As being convivial and gourmet person I love to arrange parties and go to the parties which have been arranged by someone as well.
  • I have attended plenty of parties and enjoyed all of them.
  • Hence, it is arduous task to speak about a party that was most enjoyable.
  • However, if I try, I would like to speak about the party which has been given recently by one of my friends who has got a visa of Canada.
  • It was a dream came true for him and he wanted to make this unforgettable for each one of us.
  • So we have decided to celebrate this happiest moment because once he goes to Canada he would be back after two years.
  • Obvious destination to celebrate is mount Abu because it is the nearest place from our hometown.
  • All of the friends have been invited to the party. However, only ten of them could actually come.
  • We booked one of the finest hotels in mount Abu.
  • The owner of the hotel was courteous enough to give us the terrace. A Woofer system has also been arranged.
  • In the party, All of us enjoyed dancing with the rhythm of the music. Drinks were awesome and everyone enjoyed them as well.some of us also enjoyed hard drinks.
  • We have also ordered special dinner which was mouthwatering.
  • Everyone was excited and happy.
  • Dance rhythm has been started with the western music but ended with our traditional garba and that was the best part.
  • No one has slept that night. Everyone has enormously enjoyed.
  • However in the last phase, the friend who is going to Canada got emotional. Started crying. It was so difficult for him to leave India.
  • All in all, it was the nicest party I have ever attended.

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