Topic 11 : Describe a party you enjoyed.

IELTS speaking cue card topic 11 : Describe a party you enjoyed.

You should include

  • Whose party was it?
  • Why has it been celebrated?
  • Who attended the party?
  • And explain what did you enjoy In the party ?

Sample answer 1:

Band value : 7


  • Being a convivial and gourmet person I love to arrange parties.
  • I would also like to attend the parties which have been arranged by my friends, relatives or colleagues.
  • With this sociable nature, I have attended plenty of parties and enjoyed all of them.

Whose party was it? And why has it been celebrated?

  • Hence, it is arduous task to speak about a party that was most enjoyable.
  • However, if I try, I would like to speak about the party which has been given recently by one of my friends who has got a visa of Canada.
  • It was a dream came true for him and he wanted to make this unforgettable for each one of us.
  • So we have decided to celebrate this happiest moment because once he goes to Canada he would be back after two years.
  • Obvious destination to celebrate is mount Abu because it is the nearest place from our hometown.

Who attended the party?

  • All of the friends have been invited to the party. However, only ten of them could actually come.
  • We booked one of the finest hotels in mount Abu.
  • The owner of the hotel was courteous enough to give us the terrace. A Woofer system has also been arranged.

And explain what did you enjoy in the party?

  • In the party, all of us enjoyed dancing with the rhythm of the music. Drinks were awesome and everyone enjoyed them as well. Some of us also enjoyed hard drinks.
  • We have also ordered special dinner which was mouthwatering.
  • Everyone was excited and happy.
  • Dance rhythm has been started with the western music but ended with our traditional Garba, a kind of folk dance in Gujarat, and that was the best part.
  • No one has slept that night. Everyone has enormously
  • However in the last phase, the friend who is going to Canada got emotional. Started crying. It was so difficult for him to leave India.
  • All in all, it was the nicest party I have ever attended.

Sample answer 2

Band value : 6.5

Parties can be defined as a small gathering of people on various occasions. It is the way by which we stay connected with the friends, families and other persons with whom we are connected emotionally.

Party is the way to celebrate our joy and happiness with our near and dear ones. There are no boundaries or age limits to celebrate our valuable moments of life. Sometime parties are really handy to overcome the worries and stress of professional and social life. Through this we can meet our friends and relatives and spend quality time with each other.

There are copious types of parties in our society. And especially I am a party animal.  I attained lot of parties like birthday, engagement, anniversary and marriage.

But I cannot forget one party which I had attained before one month. It was my closest friend’s birthday party whose name is Shivani. We know each other since childhood. I was heartily invited in the party.

Party was held in one eminent restaurant of my city which name was Zyka. It is most favorable place of my city to organize the various parties.

I and my other friends reached at hotel by 8 o’clock. When we entered, the decoration was jaw dropping. The banquet was decorated with the lights, balloons and flowers. In the center there was one trolley with delicious cake.

After some time birthday girl came into the party hall, she was looking so pretty in red dress.

All people who were invited there started shouting and cheered for her. She cut the cake and we sang a birthday song for her. Every one wished on this special moment and gave a gift to her. She looked very happy.

Besides the party, games were another attraction for the people who were enjoying the party.

Later on we ate the delicious food. Waiter served different kind of Punjabi dishes.

Eventually, I can say that was the most fascinating party I have ever enjoyed. I can still rejoice all the moment of party in my mind.

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