Topic 12 : Describe a friend of your family you remember from your childhood.

IELTS speaking cue card topic 12 : Describe a friend of your family you remember from your childhood.

  • Who the person was.
  • How your family knew this person.
  • How often this person visited your family.
  • And explain why you remember this person. 

Sample answer 1 


  • My family has always been friendly and compassionate for people around us and we also got the same respect and friendship from them.
  • When I was a child, plenty of people used to come to my home.
  • Some of them were relatives. Some were friends of my father or grandfather.
  • All of them used to be friendly and they showered love to us specifically on me because I was fat and fluffy in my childhood.

 Who the person was and how your family knew this person?

  • Among them one person whom I remembered was my grandfather’s closest and childhood friend.
  • He was of my grandpa’s age.
  • He was an army officer and never got married.
  • He has been a friend of my family even before my father was born.

How often this person visited your family.

  • I do not remember a single day when he had not come to our home. Sometime his visit used to be double in a day.

And explain why you remember this person.

  • He was a well built person with broad shoulder and sturdy body.
  • He has compassionate eyes and smiling face.
  • I was his favorite and vice versa.
  • I remember him because of several reasons.
  • Firstly, He used to come with plenty of gifts for the family member of mine and there had always been a special gift for me.
  • Sometime he would take us to his farm where he would tell us stories of his bravery in army.
  • He was a jolly person with instant wit. I remember his amusing jokes he used to tell us.
  • But the prime reason, why I remember him, is an occasion where he helped my grandfather.
  • We hear frequently that a friend in need is friend indeed.
  • This friend of our family has proven this saying. Once my grandfather was in desperate need of money.
  • Due to some mismanagement in his business. He lost some money and got in debt.
  • At that time this man helped my grandfather without asking anything in return.
  • Really he was an ego less, selfless person whom anyone admired.

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Sample answer 2

  • Friends will come and go during the life, however the importance of their presence and absence never lost.
  • Having good friends in our life is boon of god.
  • They are backbone of our life.
  • A good friend always walks with you whatever the situation and they show the care and concern by their reaction rather it is big or small.
  • Some people possess many qualities to make them good friends of others. I have lot of friends from school and college life time.
  • I believe that it is fate of mine to have such a satisfactory friends in my life.
  • But I never forget one of my friends who were also like family.
  • Her name was Neeta Joshi. She lived just next door to me, as well as my mother’s best friend. Likewise she also became good friend of mine too.
  • By profession she was a teacher in primary school. Look wise she was having good personality.
  • Carrying various sorts of quality she had also good relation around the neighborhood. She used to visit my home twice or thrice in a week.
  • I shared everything to her because I felt that she was problem solving person. With having such characteristic also she was better cook, I always insist her to teach me various food dishes.
  • Moreover she was good at telling story and joke so, when we met it was great fun because of her funny jokes.
  • Due to helping nature she was ready to needy people. She took classes for such student who cannot afford fees of tuition. I also went to her for solving my doubt too.
  • So, I feel proud to having such a kind hearted person in my life in form of friend. Age does not matter in friendship; feeling should have from both sides.
  • I never forgot this person because of her loving and caring nature.

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