Speaking part 3 : Describe the person you admire the most.

Below are the part 3 questions for speaking cue card the person you admire the most.

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Follow up questions for the cue card ‘the person you admire the most.’

What qualities, according to you, are required for any person to be admired?

Well, there are many qualities a person should possess to be admired such as bravery, kindness and helping nature. But the single most important quality is the helping nature of that person which makes him admired among other people.

Do you think people who are famous are more admired than others?

In one sense, yes. People who are famous have accomplished success in their life. This success can transfix so many people and they get flattered by these famous people.

However, to get flattered by famous people and admire them are totally different. Even famous people should have the qualities such as compassion and honesty to get admired.

Which celebrities, according to you, should be admired more ? politicians, authors, sports person or movie star?

I think the person should not be admired because of certain talent he has got. He should be admired for the human qualities. If a movie star is highly popular and successful but does not have helpful nature.or a politician who does not possess compassion for poor people should not be admired.

In general, people listed above are admired more. Do you think that scientists or army men should be admired more?

There is no doubt that scientists and army people should be admired more because they are far superior in each of the facet than any movies star or cricketers.

Do you think people also see the weaknesses of the people they follow or they just avoid them?

It depends on people, some people blindly follow famous people irrespective of what they are in their real life. Sometime people forgive small misbehavior or weakness of the people they admire. They think that they are also human being.