Without capital punishment (death penalty) our lives are less..IELTS writing task 2

Without capital punishment (death penalty) our lives are less..IELTS writing task 2

Without capital punishment (death penalty) our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase. Capital punishment is essential to control violence in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with his opinion?

The types of punishments given to different types of crimes are a major topic of discussion in that current world. Many people have a motion that all major crimes should be treated with capital punishment. In my opinion, this is correct but only to some extent.

Firstly the major violence actions should be treated with death penalty as this will brighten the criminals to do such actions in the future. Implementing such punishment would definitely help in decreasing the crime rate in the future, especially the violent crimes. No human would ever commit a crime which would take their own life. So, this is considered as the best punishment for both, the crime, criminal commits and also for the crime rate of future.

Additionally, capital punishment would give a good sense of security to the normal people. The feeling of security is very important for the normal people, as it increases the trust and also improves the relation between them and the judiciary system. Giving death penalties a punishment sets an example for the people that people would definitely get the best justice if they ever become victims in future. It will also avoid cases in which prisoner runs away from the jail during a life imprisonment punishment.

On the other hand, opponents believe that this would never be the best option because it won’t stop any major violent crimes in future. They believe violent crimes and terrorism would never stop due to such laws as the criminals have never cared for their lives while committing such crimes. Sometime, life imprisonment is better punishment for such crimes. They believe judiciary should increase the speed they work at and education plays a major role to decrease the crimes rates. Violent punishment for violent acts would not decrease the crimes as it increases the sense of revenge in criminals and eventually increases and violence.

Concluding all the points, in my opinion the capital punishment is a better option instead of any other type of punishments. The country runs on a constitution and judiciary knows better about the laws, so it their responsibility to punish the culprit according to the crime.