About us

There is a quote that “an action speaks louder than the words.” If we apply that analogy here than we can proudly say that our students speak for us far more positively and excitedly than us.

We have a firm notion that the efforts which we put forward for the upliftment of our students cross the boundary of the sentences.

So we are not going to say, we are this and we are that. Students who visit this website would understand us better by reading the articles on different sections of IELTS and Spoken English.

We have never claimed that we have got a magic wand of harry Potter which we fling towards the student and immediately transform him from hesitant beginner to the super IELTS genius.

However, we assure honest teaching and guidance which uplift you step by step from the very level you have to the higher level. One thing that is guaranteed is the improvement.

Oxygen visa and immigration has been in the industry for 8 years. In this span, we have encouraged and guided more than 1000 students of IELTS as well as Spoken English.

Vision and mission

Our vision and mission is to aware the students about IELTS with honesty.

On the one hand, we do not create the illusion for the students that IELTS is a duck soup for them that they can crack it without any hard work. On the other, we guide and motivate our students to work on a proper track with consistently to churn best out of him which will enable them to crack IELTs with flowering band score.

We understand the IELTS is not just the other exam which students take as an alternative of the main course or college they are doing. The students take IELTS for their dream to study abroad, mould their future and get success in life.

Hence, we consider it’s our responsibility to give honest guidance.

Our notion


Honest guidance

Dedicated faculties

Well equipped office

Why us?

We follow the cut edge method to get the best results

Our process of the candidates starts from the very basic fundamental which is the evaluation of the student. We would like to know where exactly the candidate stands. For this, the candidates are thoroughly evaluated in all the modules of IELTS, in addition to, grammar and vocabulary.
The next step is to give basic information of IELTS exam. This includes information of all IELTS modules, how is it conducted, time allotment, when and where the exam date can be taken and other handy information.
Students, who are willing to give IELTS, have plenty of questions in their mind about IELTS in general and its sections in particular. In this step we cover answers of all the questions the candidates might be having.
In this core session our councilors sit with the candidates for planning how he can achieve the highest potential band score. He would be given a plan for study time according to his convenience.
If getting a visa of the country you ever dreamed of is your ultimate goal, IELTS exam cannot be taken for granted. Many times students avoid being regular. It happens to the students who are not having clear goal. Our dedicated faculties take care of this. They pay special attention that you follow a regular study plan by a frequent monitoring, guidance and motivation.
Myriad of students are misled by so many classes and online sites by just asking them to give tests and doing nothing else. This is a serious mistake. You need to do more than by merely giving the test. IELTS is all about improving yourself. That’s why we focus on improving candidate’s reading speed, listening skills and vocabulary by giving them abundant reading. This is done with continuous monitoring and guidance.
The last step is to give the final counseling to the student. We do not believe in forcing the student to take the test date. We encourage them in a way that they will be mentally ready for IELTS exam. If they are ready then they would be given final 10 mock tests. Then we decide the test date.