Topic 28 : Describe a Book that had a major influence on you.

Topic 28 : Describe a Book that had a major influence on you.

  • When and where did you find the book?
  • Who was the author of the book?
  • What was this book about?
  • And explain how this book influences you?

Sample answer

  • We have heard so much about the positive outcomes of the books from Our teachers, parents and friends that books are our best friends, Books show us the mirror, They are the source of limitless knowledge and greatest cultural treasure is stored in books.
  • I have always been fascinated by books and I got this fascination from my grandfather.
  • He was a voracious reader
  • I was inspired by him to read books. He used to take me with him in our town’s library.
  • Thus, to satisfy my great hunger of knowledge I have read so many books in different genre such as romance, criminal, detective, historical and biographies.
  • Among all these books one book which has left everlasting impression on me is “My experiments of truth or autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi”
  • It is written by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation.
  • This book is basically a life led by Mahatma Gandhi and his experiments of truth in various situations.
  • He has shown the practical way to lead a life in simple way.
  • In addition to that, this book can guide you how you can tackle any hardship or difficult situation which arises in your life.
  • In this biography gandhiji has not tried to conceal anything from his reader.
  • Together with the accomplishments, He has uncovered his weaknesses too in the biography. For an instance, when he was young he has stolen money from his father.
  • Gandhiji was a stern believer of truth and nonviolence.
  • With this book he has left a message that one should never give away on truth. And adhere to the principles.
  • Really, this book has changed me in many ways. I understand that the principles which he had shown is difficult to be implemented in present scenario.
  • Yet, one can lead peaceful life by applying these principles in his life.

Band 7+ vocabulary

Voracious: Greedy 

Conceal: Hide

Tackle: Handle

Everlasting: Not ending

Fascinated: Highly interested

Stern:  Firm

Adhere: Stick

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